Kim Kardashian Reveals She and Pete Davidson Bond Over Skin Care and Pimples | The Tonight Show

Kim Kardashian Reveals She and Pete Davidson Bond Over Skin Care and Pimples | The Tonight Show

Kim Kardashian reveals she had no idea Jimmy Fallon was on Saturday Night Live, talks about her daughter North teaching friends special effects makeup and shows off products from her new skin-careline, SKKN.

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Kim Kardashian Reveals She and Pete Davidson Bond Over Skin Care and Pimples | The Tonight Show


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37 Responses

  1. cgill914 says:

    Kim having a sixth sense about her kids misbehaving is actually highly relatable 😂 I know the frustration 😭😅

    • BsTheLadynred says:

      @katymvt You’re view of the world is very limited. And she is her own boss so she doesn’t have to ask anyone if she can take her kids to work with her. I too was self employed and had my kid with me often.

    • katymvt says:

      @BsTheLadynred Most women don’t have that luxury. That’s all I’m saying in a response to how this is “highly relatable.” I asked my boss if I could bring my baby to work and he said no.

    • BsTheLadynred says:

      @katymvt Someone was watching them there. What’s wrong with them coming to work with her?

    • BsTheLadynred says:

      @CorbCorbin I know lots of regular people who have a Nanny, even my niece and her husband have one. You need to work and have your little ones taken care of when you WORK! Maybe you’re not aware of what working is.

  2. nick e says:

    I like how she refers to this as “work” to the kids. Puts things into perspective a bit more

    • BsTheLadynred says:

      @Ally Totally. You’re also not always in the mood to be “on”. You have to keep smiling no matter what’s going on.

    • Carrisa Grace says:

      It’s definitely work. People have no clue what goes into the entertainment biz life- even at my low ass level it’s exhausting work- to make it- and to stay there

    • cek in my link18+ says:

      Que Hotstean.Cam encantan tus Momento videos.
      Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuide donde quiera…

    • MelpomenaBovary says:

      It is a work and a hard one also. Filming a tv show it’s hard. The lights are awful, glaming up before, repeating 4-5 times every sentence, adjusting the sound… and it’s just few hours of her busy schedule.

    • Angelique Soul says:

      Promoting your products is work. Millions of people watch Jimmy Fallon’s show so Kim K knows that it’s good business to go on his show. Plus they get to see her as a Mom, a friend and a business woman.

  3. Kayla Sisemore says:

    I love that Kim is back to being a fun regular person and momma. I love seeing her thrive

  4. Caitlin Mae Martin says:

    Jimmy needs an Oscar after that performance of him acting interested when Kim was talking about her skin care line 😂

  5. Bumble Bee says:

    She’s so much more joyful and relaxed now…I can’t imagine what she had to deal with behind closed doors, esp since she didn’t even tell her own family the half of it. Good on her. Pete is good for her soul.

  6. Kapitain says:

    Im impressed with Kim, how she handles well and remains in good positive posture calling her kids, so being little playful kiddos.

  7. Janina Carter says:

    I have never been a Kim fan but Pete makes her relatable. I hope she makes him happy and treats him right because he Deserves it!

  8. Lindsay Fitzgerald says:

    I love that she support her kids like with north and the fx makeup

  9. Perfect Bruh says:

    “As you get older, three things happen. The first is your memory goes, and I can’t remember the other two.”

  10. Lori West says:

    She’s not a bad mom and you can see it in moments like this

    • gilbert arnold says:

      You actually think she sees those kids other than when she’s having her pictures taken with them? LOL!

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