Kim Kardashian West on Kourtney and Travis’ Relationship

Kim Kardashian West on Kourtney and Travis’ Relationship

Kim Kardashian West shared her support for older sister Kourtney Kardashian’s relationship with boyfriend Travis Barker and commented whether he’ll be featured on their new reality TV show for Hulu. The entrepreneur also chatted about the massive success of her SKIMS clothing brand, which just celebrated its second anniversary.

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Kim Kardashian West on Kourtney and Travis’ Relationship

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45 Responses

  1. moon says:

    How convenient for Kourtney and Scott’s kids now whenever their parents are judging them… they can always just show their parents their PDA moments with their own ex’s.

  2. fr0zenintimeee says:

    kourtney and travis are my favorite!!!!

  3. Jared Griffin says:

    Kim looks glowy and calm. She seems to be at a good place ❤️

  4. Hillary Westbury says:

    So they dramatically ended KUWTK and now they’re starting up again?!! Pardon! I’m not mad… I’m relieved

  5. SweetLovely says:

    What’s wrong with them? Kourtney is finally happy & is in love with someone who truly loves her back. For the first time in years she looks so happy & is having all these adventures.

  6. Your Love Story Tarot says:

    She always looks so elegant, so perfect.

  7. Yamini 🇮🇪 says:

    She just cut her met gala dress till her neck..I can’t 😂

  8. Nokukhanya Nene says:

    I have never seen Kimberly laughing so freely nd honestly like this in years

  9. Zayn says:

    I think kim might be going through a serious black clothing phase from the Donna listening party to the met gala and now on Ellen… SPECTACULAR

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