Kimmel Writer is a Hoarder

Kimmel Writer is a Hoarder

We have a writer on our show named Gary and he has a problem. His office is a mess because he collects crap and he buys all manner of nonsense on eBay. His wife won’t let him bring it home anymore, so he keeps it here. It has become such a problem that Jimmy decided to surprise him and get him some professional help from Matt Paxton from ‘Hoarders.’

High Witness News – People Lie About Being High

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Kimmel Writer is a Hoarder

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65 Responses

  1. Nuru Hatimy says:

    You made my day ❤️😍

  2. Andrea Marie says:

    Okay but Jimmy is so fine to me 😍

  3. alidd lmao says:

    is this like conan with jordan schlansky? haha

  4. BTS is the Best :) says:

    He should’ve made a store that sells weird items lol

  5. Positive Vibes Only Thoo says:

    Lmfaooo love this 😂👌👍

  6. Kemal Beyaztas says:

    This was too perfect… I think this was staged 😂

  7. GeorgeTengTV says:

    conan copy?

    • bobby bousche' says:

      No, cause it’s a copy of Conan.

    • Nolan says:

      GeorgeTengTV there’s was so long ago. It really isn’t a ripoff. Eventually everything will be done and there won’t be anything new.

    • Juan Hernandez says:

      Nolan it’s “their’s”, not “there’s”. It wasn’t even that long ago, and Kimmel did copy Conan. Joke and sketch stealing is huge and people take notice even if they’re years apart.

    • Jordi Vanderwaal says:

      Others did it before (Howard Stern, so I’ve read), so Conan isn’t original either.

  8. bentskies says:

    Straight up ripping off Conan. Gary is no Jordan Schlansky. Conan literally did this exact video with Jordan already.

  9. Karan Rawat says:

    Copied from Conan.

  10. SUPER FRAME says:

    Just a Jordan Schlansky rip off

  11. Zach Digital says:

    this man has a kid….

  12. DMT 〉👽 says:

    Biggest Conan copy in a “Dramatic” way and not as funny xD try something more ORIGINAL

    • no no says:

      Conan ripped off Howard Stern, who would mock his hoarder producer Gary Dell’Abate in the early 90s. These segments (featuring lowly staffers) aren’t all that original.

    • J Dawg says:

      DMT 〉👽 I highly disagree

    • Oswaldo Huizar says:

      no no i just saw you in two other comments. is it your mission to spread this to every single person commenting this?

    • Edmund Lee says:

      Yeah! I prefer Kimmel going with his feud with Matt Damon, angering his aunt chippy and making Guillermo do stupid things. Those are more Kimmel. Conan has already set a bar too high for his outtakes with his staff.

  13. mango man says:

    remember jordan schlansky???……….conan did this years ago…..

    • Mysterious Person says:

      Jordan is not organized. Gary is a hoarder.

    • no no says:

      Howard Stern did this three decades ago, with Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate, who was a hoarder who bought useless items. Conan O’Brien and Kimmel are longtime Howard Stern fans. Doing segments featuring lowly staffers isn’t an original idea. Letterman was doing stuff with his staffers in the early 80s.

    • Oswaldo Huizar says:

      no no make it three comments of this

    • Jordi Vanderwaal says:

      Oswaldo Huizar Who cares if he’s informing the misinformed?

  14. keisha 21 says:

    kinda feel sad now…. it does look like a collection. the things were maybe an unique item, he wasn’t hoarding the same things? except for that rabbi doll, that was weird. 1 is enough. but seriously, his stuff was cool.

  15. The Chris Lapakko - The King of Earned Media says:

    Kimmel should get that guy a warehouse.

  16. Johnny Valencia says:

    Jimmy entering into Conan’s territory…

  17. A man has no name says:

    I liked this bit better when it was made by Conan.

  18. LLI GUY says:

    Nice try Kimmel, making comedy with your staff, but you’ll never be on the same level as the Conan and Jordan legendary duo 😂

  19. aaronimpactnz says:

    Stealing ideas from Conan

    • Vicara Vitakka says:

      The show Hoarders repeats its own idea every week. Besides, the Conan-Schlansky office hoarding video was all about their interaction; this Kimmel segment was really more about some really cool stuff.

  20. Insomniac Maniac says:

    All those are useful stuff, why throw it away?

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