The tank thought it was finna do something.

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34 Responses

  1. Dolomaticus says:

    King Bradley in BOTH VERSIONS of FMA, was such a menace, people went out of their way to either avoid him, or throw everything at the man to get him out of the way. This is probably one of the best villains to be created, Anime or not: You understood why he was that way, and at times you had empathy for the man, BUT you never forgot he was the bad guy and Bradley NEVER pretended to be justified or the hero of his own story. The man knew who he was, and what he was there for and killed everybody in the way of that goal.

  2. Mr. Thomas says:

    Not gonna lie, King Bradley was one of the best parts of this series. Everyone’s reaction when he announced himself in the city after they thought they had won and seeing their expressions was PRICELESS. He had on those Black Force Timbs the way he faded folks.

  3. Filip Vadas says:

    The coldest part about King Bradley is that the creator of FMA even confirmed that, if he had been in his prime, the half the characters would have died before the halfway point of the story.

    Which is crazy when you keep in mind that Bradley is the only Homunculus *WITHOUT* a healing factor, super strength etc. He was just the absolute peak of what a human could do. Nothing more, nothing less. The only advantage he had was his eye tellling him his opponent’s exact weak spots and where to strike for maximum damage.

    • FireFXZ says:

      I’ve only read a bit on the manga and I never knew this, but he is without a doubt one of the coolest Homunculus (also greed I liked greed before he was even a homunculus).

    • So Majesticals says:

      Yup, the only homunculus that’s more powerful outside of Father, is Pride, who’s a literal Shadow demon with an AOE range that can go anywhere a shadow can.

      Also, although it’s used as a joke, possibly Bradley’s wife is a match against him given that on their first date at 25-years-old, she slapped him so hard, _even his eye couldn’t see it._

    • Cortney Randle says:

      His eye held precognition. Which is mostly why he was so insane. He had the sharingan. Lol

    • tristian evans says:

      @Kane Conqueror captain America

    • Kane Conqueror says:

      so bradley is anime batman. fair enough.

  4. Darryl Ferguson says:

    I love how on paper, King Bradley is the weakest homunculus.

    He lacks the regenerative immortality that is standard of the other homunculus, and while his ability is broken, it is heavily dependent on personal skill.

    Pride can weaponize literal darkness, Lust has razor-sharp claws and her intelligence, Envy is a shape-shifting tank, Greed is temporarily bullet-proof, and Sloth is a tank with the speed of a bullet-train (if motivated).

    In spite of that, nearly all the Homunculus respect him.


      Nobody never talks about the abyssal gluttony though…crazy

    • So Majesticals says:

      Yup, it just shows how incredible in skill Bradley is when he’s only second to Pride/Selim (who is confirmed to be the strongest) in terms of how powerful he is among the seven.

    • Ren Amamiya says:

      It’s your second statement that does it, I saw one of the comment that did FMA confirmed that if Bradley was revealed in his prime, he would beat everyone’s ass even before the coup

      At some point they might have seen his fighting ability and skill and got impressed by the fact even without the Immortal regeneration ability he can still fight very skillfully and with great speeds, even though he ages its slow compared to normal humans.

  5. Daniel Smith says:

    King Bradley/Wrath is one of my favorite characters in general across all media so this was an absolute treat, CJ. I loved the southern-ish accent you gave too. It really does fit because, here in the south, people will talk to you and sound all nice and friendly but there could be a ‘WHOLE’ different meaning behind their words. It fits perfectly with Wrath.

    Also, I held it together through the entire video up until the last 15 seconds with the black air forces over where his arms used to be and then I lost it. Been laughing the past ten minutes. Kudos, CJ. Kudos.

  6. Dominique Norman says:

    This is a homunculus who ages and doesn’t regenerate. He’s essentially 50 or 60 years old and he was a complete challenge to all these people. It’s never flat out said, but everyone there should be grateful they didn’t face Bradley if he was in his prime or could regenerate and Rest in peace Ed Blaylock (King Bradley) your voice will not be forgotten.

    • Filip Vadas says:

      @Delimon007 yes and no?
      Yes his core is used up, but it was used up *during his creation* because he was just a regular human who was fused with a Philosopher’s Stone.
      He even mentions how he only has one soul and that he’s not even sure if said soul is his own.

    • Filip Vadas says:

      @Keith he even mentions himself at one point how annoyed he is that his body doesn’t move the way he wants it to anymore. The dude is 50-60 years old and is still deadly enough to smoke 90% of the characters all on his own

    • whichDude says:

      @MistaJ90 I think prime still would have gotten screwed over by Buccaneer stabbing Fu. Old Bradley deliberately spares Buccaneer until he finally loses his sword by surprise of abs. Prime would have probably done same thing.
      Fight goes on. He steals Fu’s sword, and he decides to kill him in an overly flashy way waiting to watch him die. Buccaneer comes in with surprise fatal blow. Prime would probably get screwed by this too. None of this had anything to do with Bradley’s skill at the time. He was stomping everyone. He was just taking his time killing named human characters, and that left him open. He was 100% blindsided by Buccaneer, and prime probably would have been too.
      Then Ling blinds the eye. Bradley blocks the blow while stumbling backwards from getting stabbed. Problem for him is Greed just destroys the sword. Pretty sure this would probably have caught prime as well.

    • Nencrows _ says:

      If Bradley could regenerate he would arguably be invincible. It’s almost impossible to get a single hit on him and this is when he’s old. If if he could regenerate Scar would have died in their final fight.

    • Sean -O says:

      I would’ve been terrified to fight him when he was younger.

  7. Shadowki56 says:

    What makes this more impressive is that Bradley is a regular human, just with basically a sharingan in his left eye, and he just trained to get that good since he doesn’t age.

    • Dragon Lord says:

      Oh that’s the disturbing part, he DOES age, he’s just that good even when he’s in his 50’s. In fact, as multiple people in the comments have said, the creator outright said that if he was still in his prime, the main characters would’ve been slaughtered.

  8. Djroshi01 says:

    “Because motherfucker I AM the law” – King Bradley

    This hit deep.

  9. Missing Pride says:

    King Bradley is the only fictional character that legitimately scares the crap of me IRL.
    If I met him I would give up then and there bro, we lost.
    FMA villains are a different breed

  10. Crona says:

    Something I noticed whilst watching the video, At 3:00 when Edward is about to hit Bradley with the spear, You can see that Bradleys sword is currently sheathed but in the very next scene. His sword is unsheathed and he is holding it in his hand meaning that he drew his blade so fast that Edward wasnt even able to see him draw his blade and likely didnt even know he did until it was too late

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