King Lil Jay – “First Day Clout” | Shot By @aSoloVision

King Lil Jay – “First Day Clout” | Shot By @aSoloVision

King Lil Jay – First Day Clout (Official Music Video)

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Shot & Edited by @aSoloVision
Produced by @AyoMuffYouGoinUp
Mixed & Mastered by @PoloBoyShawty

#KingLilJay #FirstDayClout #CloutLord

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21 Responses

  1. Girbaud Tx says:

    Lil Jay has always delivered heat 🔥

  2. Fuxk Grimm says:

    This is literally one of the biggest moments in chiraq history, The release of Lil Jay.. he’s literally one of the last ones that’s getting released before his 30’s that’s from the drill era .. He has this one last chance to take over the industry.. Him and Pappy was hands down the best rappers from the Drill era💯 Lil Jay is one of the biggest GD’s of all time and that’s FACTS ! He got shot 16 times, survived the war in Chiraq back when EVERYONE was dying ! He was one of the main Opps to the BD’s and he SURVIVED ! Did 7 years and didn’t snitch, got released and dropped a nice interview and a DOPE song ! He did what bobby shmurda shoulda did ! He is the last of a dying breed.. This is perfect timing, just when we thought Lil durk and the BD’s won the war and could walk into the sunset with their millions , Lil Jay is the last one that can stop them .. And he’s good enough to hold the GD’s down on his own just like duck did but 10x BETTER ..I just pray he makes the right moves to make it to the top and stay alive at the same time 💯 He’s doing everything perfectly right now 10/10 💯💯💯

    • 808Mafia says:

      Fredo was the GOAT of drill and all the BD’s music is way better from an artist stand point. I rather fuck with lud foe and Rico recklezz tho

    • 80sBaby 90zKid says:

      Sounds like a damn GTA storyline

    • BSP Big Steppa Paul says:

      @Hoozah wrong, he said he’s Insane GD on say cheese’s interview LMFAO

    • Fuxk Grimm says:

      @Tony Trimble they did but now they got a bigger problem then they ever did in this music shii 💯💯 Lil Jay is better then all of them dudes 💯 At one point he was bigger den durk ! he fina come back and cause hella problems

    • Tony Trimble says:

      I fucked wit every word until I said “just when Durk & the BD’s thought they could walk away with there millions.” THEY ALREADY DID DUMB DUMB😒😂💀

  3. Terrence Note says:

    Already killin the game🔥🚀🚀 yall better not sleep on this guy😴😴🥶🥶 frfr cold flow

  4. Nitti 2x says:

    These good numbers to get the buzz going let’s take lil jay to the top

  5. tavon24 says:

    This is one of the best first day out songs. Because he didn’t lose a step, he still got the same dances too.

  6. El Rusito says:

    This goes harder than any Bobby Shmurda song after he got out. And Liljay dropped it the same week he got out🔥

  7. Badkidmacei says:

    Stay consistent keep dropping them labels on the way

  8. Xavier Rainey says:

    This is actually an excellent first day out song for someone who was inside for 7 years

  9. D M says:

    Just when you thought drill was dying down,one of the biggest pioneers of it comes out of prison with🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Christy Leslie says:

    🔥 Hope he got that big smile on his face seeing all the love. I know he felt alone the last few years but I’ve been seeing the countdowns everywhere.. he had so many fans waiting 7 years to see that dance again (of course), and hear his side. Welcome home Lil Jay!! You got the opportunity to make up for that lost time. Xx

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