King Von – What It’s Like (Official Music Video)

King Von – What It’s Like (Official Music Video)

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Directed By Setitofftv

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65 Responses

  1. 4thQuarter2ndDwn H.P.Playincrazy says:

    “Times hard gotta lean on the Bible” bro walked ????

  2. Russada says:

    He really good I hope he take it serious and stay out them streets. I know his brothers proud as shit.

    • BRANDON Johnson says:

      Russada he is ?

    • Brad Mcdougall says:

      you know that aint gonna happen 90 percent of them reoffend cuse they dont change there surroundings and get caught up and never come out like him he was already on parole n then they wanna charge him with attempt murder or muder or somthin they gonna give him the book just like 9, cdai and drose all got life sentences basically

    • Twój Pan says:

      stfu u stupid, imagine never able to comeback home and dont talk shit

  3. Mattix Proxy says:

    ”ITS VON!” bro really spitting. Somebody put some respect on von name.

  4. Boring 5 says:

    King Von explaining the obvious at the end about “that’s my work” lol

  5. L’A says:

    “I was in the cell with drowse when they give him that time” #FREEDROSE

  6. James Semidey says:

    “I can’t sleep it’s too cold “… dam felt dat Kv

  7. Rohzy says:


    Kingvon: “You dont know how it go, You always hoping that the witness not gonna show”

  8. Trey one deep says:

    You can feel the pain and how real this shit is in every word he speak ????

    • Realside Gangsta says:

      Trey one deep when you in a cell with a nigga you don’t know or nigga you don’t like when you see yo homie first thing he gave you was knife ? too real

  9. MrDoughboyV says:

    Vons a Artist but Everybody aint gonna get the Pictures!!!

  10. Bankhead Mann1 says:

    If your are reading this YOU will be blessed in abundance more than you can ever imagine.

  11. Dri Dri says:

    Chief keef really put the whole o block on but they hate him

    • Sosa Baby says:

      600 fake now turned against Tay600 cause of Durk , ain’t no paper work claim Tay was snitching and he wasn’t, no they look stupid for da fu ass shit especially edai600 . Sosa and Durk put all of them on, and do did LA Capone too

    • HipHop Scene says:

      Lamron OTF BG its a cuz and effect nigga Chief keef made oblock and durk famous not lil durk

    • Kasey Gude says:

      Dri Dri ig u believe that u dumb oblock don’t hate Sosa ?him and bosstop had differences that they already settled sosa good anywhere

    • Ryan Woods says:

      The o got hella love for keef he was always was on o block with

  12. Tray Dey says:

    King Von: “lemme tell you what its like”

    Me: ?????

  13. Anna’s world says:

    Von story telling is on a different level I would say like back then but he’s a different generation and what’s going on right now is crazy as hell especially in Chicago

  14. Shaheen yah says:

    GOD please wake these young black MAN’S up,,, including me?

  15. Eastside Landlord says:

    Raw asl putting shorty snitch ass in the beginning ?wasn’t expecting that one?

  16. go out Side as follows says:

    Mann they made that can’t get right interview look crazy in the beginning having the opp say his name like that

  17. Laguna Peralta says:

    “PROCESS GO SLOW , I CANT SLEEP ITS TOO COLD”…only people that been locked up can relatee to this line..

  18. Alycia Mintze says:

    When he said “you got a son on the way and if they take u away he gonna be just like you” he ain’t neva lie

  19. Jaycee says:

    King Von bringing the heat! If like this, I am doing something NEVER done before, Im releasing a new SONG & music VIDEO every week (Prod, Mix, Mast by me) …. If you didn’t know well now you can FOLLOW the dream. Don’t sleep on me. You WONT be disappointed!

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