KINGDOM HEARTS III – BIG HERO 6 Announce trailer – D23 2015

KINGDOM HEARTS III – BIG HERO 6 Announce trailer – D23 2015

Get ready for the comic-book style action of Big Hero 6, an all-new Disney world coming to KINGDOM HEARTS III! Watch Producer Roy Conli from the Walt Disney Animation Studios deliver the good news with the first details on what you can expect from Sora’s adventures in San Fransokyo!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your hype?

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20 Responses

  1. Bakudan Kame says:

    It would be so cool if they had a Stan Lee NPC in the San Fransokyo world

  2. Yosua. a says:

    hey what’s the title of the soundtrack here?

  3. オユジルエンタープライズ says:


  4. Joey McIntosh says:

    They’re putting in a world about a movie that just came out recently? Kinda
    goes to show how much longer were going to have to wait. They must have
    just started developing this world

  5. 1Sandwitch1 says:

    actually I think its stupid….I want to see Dragon Quest characters and
    monsters or characters, or a final fantasy world. I could care less about
    Pixar garbage…..

  6. Muhammad Farooq says:

    Come on, Frozen! That’s all I need now!

  7. mark Ervine (Lizard knight) says:

    He forgot to mention old baymax, our savior, tadashi’s dear child sill
    become a heartless.
    thanks satan I mean xehanort.

  8. Tyo Fabian Fadel says:

    Is that Master Xehanort talking? Damn he is real.

  9. timrob12 says:

    Why is Master Xehanort making this announcement?

  10. Alexander Tambunan says:

    …yall gonna add the avengers or nah?

  11. Asian Fusion says:


  12. Hewylewis says:

    What about Robin Hood? Are we ever going to get a Robin Hood world? How
    about Star Wars, or Marvel for that matter?

  13. Jordan Dominguez says:

    I NEED Wreck-It Ralph as a world

  14. Ieron Darklord says:


  15. TolerantCoot6 says:

    OH COME ON!!!!

    The Stay-Puff Marshmallow Robot gets the special spot in KH3 instead of

  16. YouTube Single says:


  17. Lucas Medina says:

    Is it me, or Master Xehanort just announced this for us?

  18. Manipulator of Universes says:

    I kind of liked it better, when they just had good old Disney in Kingdom

  19. Jon Frey says:

    Can’t wait