KINGDOM HEARTS III – E3 2018 Frozen Trailer

KINGDOM HEARTS III – E3 2018 Frozen Trailer

Find out more about Kingdom Hearts 3:

“The light is gathering together
Hearts driven by one oath, one purpose.”

Originally aired at the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing, this trailer reveals the next destination on Sora, Donald, and Goofy’s adventure: Frozen! Check out Sora’s new Keyblade’s transformations as he battles against the Heartless!

KINGDOM HEARTS III is coming to Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation® 4 on January 29, 2019.

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91 Responses

  1. Wolfboss7 says:

    So…Xehanort has Terra and Aqua, let us pray to God Sora and the gang are able to get to Ven before Organization XIII does.

    • JaredDrake86 says:

      Getting Ven’s body is the end game. That’s when X-blade appears.

    • Patrick Edelfelt says:

      God Sora LMAO ?

    • ScourgeLord Studios says:

      But they also need Eraqus’ Keyblade. It was shown that that specific Keyblade was needed in Castle Oblivion, to unlock the highest floor. And Aqua doesn’t seem to have it anymore. Since Sora has the last possible successor, Ventus, within him, they Keyblade would likely seek him out for its new bearer.

    • KJW Dawnwalker says:

      Wolfboss7 for sure i hear you on that its sad to see aqua this way.

    • Justin SNAP says:

      Toonami4EvaX letd not forget xehanort wants them to gather their 7 lights or else their cant be a X blade so it will never be just sora riku and mickey

  2. Artemis 2D says:

    Aqua looks like she succumbed to darkness, likely is another Xehanort’s vessel. Only one way to find out. This pill is hard to swallow.

  3. ルイージ says:

    Wait a second, is the reason Eraqus’s keyblade washed up on destiny islands in the reveal trailer 5 years ago be because Aqua got ‘norted?! could it have been trying to go to his last available disciple who’s inside sora’s heart??

    • Merstalt Virier says:

      I’m more shocked at the “reveal trailer 5 years ago” part. Didn’t notice it was so long ago. At least the wait is just a bit more :'(

    • Pierre Matthews-Martin says:

      ルイージ Yooooop YOU COULD BE RIGHT

    • Azure Triedge says:

      SoulCake67 opening intros are never Canon. That’s like saying an anime op is Canon. A trailer on the other hand, unless specifically stated otherwise is always Canon. Remember FFXV? That crazy trippy omen trailer winded up being an alternative universe, still Canon

    • HunterWD:TheGamingRoom says:

      ルイージ She didn’t get norted she was consumed by the darkness of the realm.

    • -goodversusevil- says:

      Azure Triedge Ehh, the Kingdom Hearts I opening is canon. ‘Tis Sora’s dream. But yeah, other than that. Also, as soon as I finished DDD, I realized the opening was a false representation of KHIII, beacause Lea wasn’t there. Maybe Nomura will kill him again, tho… then bring him back again.

  4. Lily Orchard says:

    *Me:* 2018 release date would have been cool because that’s 13 years after Kingdom Hearts 2
    *Square:* Well now it’s the 13th month of 2018!

  5. EdgyBoyJoe says:

    Why is Sora impressed with Elsa’s powers? Can’t he use ice, fire, lightning and all that shit.

  6. Jordan Sweeto says:

    Can’t get over how beautiful this game is looking! Glad to finally see a release date too!!! 😀

  7. aw6ken says:

    why does sora sound like he’s a joke character

    • cerooscuas says:

      thats fine just dont bitch about it on the dub trailer same with anime that has sub sometimes its better but nobody here cares about sub thats why we are on this video go to the sub one if you want to talk about that

    • arenkai says:

      I’m not bitching because “it’s not subbed”, I’m complaining about the sound mixing that is all over the place thanks to the dub being pasted all over without caring about other SFX in the trailer.

      Bad delivery and awkward voices is just par for the course, I can deal with that.

      EDIT: And there were no subbed one last time I checked.

    • Sraye says:

      Sora was always the joke character. What the heck? Maybe you just grew up.

      That’s why I always preferred Roxas.

      Though Sora starting to bother to rescue Roxas does make me appreciate the character more.

    • cerooscuas says:

      yeah i reckon when ventus wakes up he will be roxas like soras nobody(roxas) and ventus’s heart will merge

    • 「 OKAY 」 says:


  8. BillyBob 125 says:

    5 years later and still no Cory in the House world, SMH Square Enix.

  9. Monstertwitch says:

    I can only imagine how confused people who only played kh 1 and 2 will be.

    • Brandon Garzon says:

      Yet he did state it in an interview look it up just because you’re avoiding or haven’t seenit doesn’t he didn’t but he stated it honestly you people have been saying his story over since kh3 and he’s still showing up I mean really it’s obvious you’re the ones in denial as he’s still showing up in fact I’m saving this message just so I can brag to you when he appears again they even mention him in this trailer

    • Brandon Garzon says:

      If roxas story ended in kingdom hearts 2 why is he still showing up today lol

    • karnovrpg says:

      I played pretty much all of them and still don’t get it.

    • Azure Triedge says:

      xXMrxEthoSXx that’s what you get for playing the inferior console

    • Mecha Techa says:

      Monstertwitch you’re not missing much in Dream Drop tbh, also the gameplay is boring since the only viable move is to spam Balloon

  10. RichChanLikesTacos says:

    This trailer made my pc explode with *hype*

  11. David Mc says:

    “You are too late.”

    Yes, all of us think so.

  12. Terra BenLuk says:

    2:35 Riku looks hurt and doesn’t hold his keyblade, which probably means Aqua was the one destroying it

  13. LoneSoul06 says:

    Square Enix was too slow developing this game, that’s why Aqua’s evil.

    Shit not the gummi ship.

    • Stephen Reed says:


    • A solo says:

      The gummi ship was cool if soras ship was edited properly. If one went through the whole game with the basic upgrades then it would get annoying.

    • alberto alderighi says:

      YOU JOKING RIGHT it was as have a second game for free XD

    • A solo says:

      alberto alderighi It was completely relevant to the story though. Although I understand where you’re coming from. It does feel like a long ass mini game. Taking time to mod the ship and complete the challenges helped alot for me personally. I actually enjoy the gummi ship, but hopefully In Kh3 it doesn’t feel like an obligated loading screen.

    • Keyblade Soul Lord says:

      What do you prefer, a rushed game that shows all the imperfect bugs and failed gameplay, or a perfect game that takes a lot of time and patience to finish, leading to great ratings on both quality and gameplay as well as story?

  14. Terra BenLuk says:

    That’s amazing. You can control ice.

    *Vexen, Ice Titan, Donald, Jack Skeleton, Roxas, Xion, Aqua, Terra, Ventus and Merlin shaking their heads in the background*

    • Djinsin says:

      Terra BenLuk except, a) she does a lot more than just shoot it like everyone else, b) there’s really nothing wrong with giving someone a little validation for a unique ability. Here’s an example: In My Hero Academia, people are surrounded by superheroes, but still take time to be impressed by others’ quirks even though they should, by all means, be desaturated by the sheer abundance of superpowers they encounter.

    • BenLuk Connection says:

      Not really. Sora didn’t needed a Keyblade in KH1 in Hollow bastion, meaning the other keyblade wielders would’t have problems as well. Especially Aqua, who made a protection spell on Kairi by touching her. Vexen doesnt need his shield to summon Ice. In his battle in KH2FM you destroy his shield multiple times, yet he still casts at you. Merlin randomly teleports. I woudn’t be too sure about him. jack Skellington casts Thunder and Fire as well if I ma not mistaking, Donald used Thunder at the beginning of KH1 by pointing in the air, which probably means he doesnt need a wand at all. Ice Titan is made out of ice. And what? When Xion tuned to ice she couldn’t cast it. Thats a lame excuse. Also Xion went ice, not cristal, cause she was made by Vexen. Dont mistake that

    • Terra BenLuk says:

      Djinsin Sora didn’t knew that at the moment otherwise he wouldn’t have said this line

    • Djinsin says:

      Hey look, there’s a girl who’s freezing an entire ocean, and I just saw a girl wearing very similar clothing shoot ice. Sora DOES have more than three brain cells.

    • sora roxas says:

      It’s still amazing mate. Doesnt matter how many people done it

  15. Strawbunnies says:

    That Aqua part shook me too hard ??? dont worry Aqua we’re gonna save u ;^;

  16. Tyler Sims says:

    People are complaining about the SFX and dont realize it’s so you could hear the music alot more clearly

  17. Zeus Flores says:


  18. Tanequa Woodson says:

    I love Kingdom hearts is Awesome and beautiful Keywords War will begin

  19. Tanequa Woodson says:

    It took so long for them to get to her into the darkness aqua

  20. Our Founding Liars says:

    Hmm… I have reason to believe
    Kingdom hearts is most likely about if the coding of our own simulation was worded just a little differently. The .entertainment/Disney/squareenix files got mixed up with the .destiny/dailylife files. Keep asking questions.

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