KINGDOM HEARTS III Re Mind [DLC] TGS 2019 Trailer (Closed Captions)

KINGDOM HEARTS III Re Mind [DLC] TGS 2019 Trailer (Closed Captions)

KINGDOM HEARTS III is available NOW on Sony PlayStation® 4 and Microsoft Xbox One.
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KINGDOM HEARTS III Re Mind DLC is coming this winter. Challenge yourself to new boss battles, master Sora’s new form, learn more about the members of Organization XIII, and more!

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79 Responses

  1. Sonow Brand says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of people talking about Oblivion but no one is talking about Dark Form. Sora’s finally gonna use darkness without getting consumed by it!

  2. C T says:

    This DLC here to re:mind everyone why they fell in love with the series

    • Dimenital Archer says:

      @Santiago Manza speak for yourself only peasent.

    • Vile Weasel says:

      re:mind? Is that an anime?

    • Bonca Squawk says:

      I fell in love with KH because it had an interesting and unique story that made some kind of sense. KH3 had none of that.

    • Kyo says:

      I would have given zero craps about this series as a child if it wasn’t for Final Fantasy.

      No, Moogles don’t cut it here.

    • ApothisIII says:

      really you want to speak for the whole fan base? I personally like kingdom hearts for being its thing. If you final fantasy so much, maybe just play those games if you want ff characters. I wish they kept the hollow bastion restoration committee though.

  3. Rebellious Treecko says:

    I think this is actually the first time Namine has been shown in-game and properly talking in KH3.
    She originally just talked as a star and showed up in the pre-rendered ending scene.

  4. Jacob Foehrkolb says:

    0:45 “Dark Form” with Oblivion against a dark Vanitas/Vanitas Remnant. WHO’S HYPE?

    • KBOSS King Greenfield says:

      I’ve noticed that let’s hope it is

    • 25shadow11 says:

      That has to be it. Look at the health bar, and the attack used. At the start of the fight, VLS ALWAYS begins with encasing himself in darkness, and sending out the dark clones. And obviously, those are clearly Vanitas silhouettes there, l doubt someone else would be sending out clones of HIM, of all people.. In addition, he also sent out those keyblade waves like he does in his desperation attack in KH3 The only people who attack with the broken keys are Xehanort, and Vanitas. That’s so cool they combined his BBS and KH3 attacks like that!…… Now, lets just hope they don’t let this motherfucker heal whenever you cast cure…..

    • Mooper 64 says:

      Yeah I saw the weapon

  5. BROmeliad1 says:

    I’m glad Namine seems to be getting more of a role this time!

  6. Mark Alvarado says:

    Kingdom Hearts 3: final mix looks great guys.

  7. Ryan Job says:

    Ventus: Aqua Where’s my super suit
    Aqua: what?

  8. Olaf Benjamin says:

    Brain: It’s over man. WE TALKED ABOUT THIS!
    Heart: _May your heart be your guiding key_
    Me: *_Click_*

  9. Sveta45851 says:

    Namine in Sora’s heart? MoM and young Xehanort talking? Interesting…..

  10. Pikatwig16 says:

    *sees Namine and Sora in icon* Must watch.

  11. dodiswatchbobobo says:

    So basically this DLC will be redoing the Keyblade Graveyard but with more cool stuff so it doesn’t feel like an afterthought tacked on to a big budget Disney game.

    • Slibby says:

      Keyblade Graveyard was somehow a let down but still the best part of the game…hmmmm

    • Toph Ghost says:

      RandomGirl119 I have really high hopes that it’s still just one free keyblade that utilizes two solo versions of oathkeeper/oblivion and the final form change will be both. Probably not but would cool af.

    • Tactical ONI says:

      man i felt the forms/summonings in general were also kinda bad but i couldn’t figure out why i just didnt feel satisfied by the end, it felt rushed, it was so obvious i didnt even notice i thought i just didnt like this game and overhyped it for myself.

    • RandomGirl119 says:

      @TheSidorak12 Actually, I’m pretty sure they’ve specifically stated that Oathkeeper will be free DLC that will be released on the same day as the paid DLC. I’m just hoping that Oblivion will be as well.

    • Inbar Shemesh says:

      They didn’t run out of budget, they were just lazy and cared more about the FF7 Remake.

  12. Zomochi says:

    That playable Lingering Will tease at the end. I hope they deliver on that. I’m especially excited to finally play as Axel.

    • Eduardo Souza says:

      Idk to the lea part, the previous gameplay traile show this fight from roxas perspective, dot be despoited if he isnt playable this context makes sence because lea relation with isa.

  13. Chad Tenney says:

    I’m gonna buy this DLC and just nut the entire time.

  14. Neku fujiki says:

    Nomura: Roxas is playable.
    Me: Are you sure you want to give us that much power.

    • Dreq the Dreck says:

      saïx is so laughably outmached here. isa should’ve came back with crutches and a fucking neck brace.

    • Kyosukedono says:

      I don’t know fellas. It’s hard to convince me otherwise but I do believe Roxas has to be the strongest wielder so far. Yes, stronger than Terra.
      I don’t know why but Roxas is an absolute powerhouse. His only weakness being his magic use.

  15. Danny Fandubs says:

    Xion hitting Axel’s attack in sync with the ”DUMDUM” of the song… Perfect.


  16. TwilightSky15 says:

    Oh look they actually used Naminé’s character model for something other then the ending scene. XD

  17. Xyn Guol says:

    O.K., but I still want free roam playable cast and accessible Clock Tower.

  18. Firestar1992 says:

    Huh. So it seems when Kairi was lost, Namine went to Sora’s heart. Interesting. Dang it, Sora, your heart really is a hotel.

  19. Firestar1992 says:

    “Go to the world of ocean and sky.” “Go to the world of Kairi and Sora.”

  20. Anna Oreo says:


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