Kings Of Leon – WALLS

Kings Of Leon – WALLS

The new album ‘WALLS’ out 10/14. Pre-order now on iTunes or Amazon and get “Waste a Moment” and “WALLS” Instantly:
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Stream “WALLS”:
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Stream “Waste a Moment”:
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20 Responses

  1. adamnoire says:

    One of the first lucky cunts to listen to this tune. It’s an honour

  2. Nida O says:

    I need the album. I need it now!

  3. Gabriel Sampaiø says:

    Damn, I could feel all of his suffering and sadness, omg AND WHAT WAS THAT

  4. Adapted says:

    Tom Hanks.
    That is all.

  5. Abisek Basnyat says:

    I ain’t no fuckin’ homo but man do i love Caleb. Freakin’ Legend.

  6. Alain Bruno says:

    I don’t understand the dislikes.

  7. Greg Gallant says:

    This day was a pretty shit one. Hop on to YouTube…I see a new KOL song.
    All is good now friends. All is good.

  8. Jacob Belval says:


  9. WhammyTime91 says:

    I’m not gay or anything but Caleb is making me feel some feelings right

  10. katha rina says:

    Oh my god, 2 days before my Birthday, best present ever ?

  11. Oculos Sicarii says:

    sounds like a song made by Fink…

  12. foofi says:

    It’s astounding how this band has changed its sound over the course of the
    years, but has still managed to retain the uniqueness it brought in their
    debut. We can spend our lifetimes debating the old versus the new, but the
    truth of the matter is: they were fucking great back then, and they’re
    fucking great right now.

  13. Von Ray says:

    Those piercing blueish green eyes. And that beard. Oh, damn. They make all
    my walls come down.

  14. Ali Lawlor says:

    Finally, just Caleb and his vocals. This is KOL to me.

  15. Kevin Heimberger says:

    is his left eye more blue than the other?

  16. AppleSeduction says:

    My god this was fantastic

  17. Kyle Ruff says:

    I was here on September 22, 2o16 before this song blows up..

  18. Carlos M. Ayala says:

    ¿Alguien mas de América latina?

  19. More Gamezzz says:

    Donald trump approves of title

  20. Bob Durhur says:

    A million views by tomorrow? I sure hope so.