Kings Of Leon – Waste A Moment (Audio)

Kings Of Leon – Waste A Moment (Audio)

The new album ‘WALLS’ out 10/14. Pre-order now on iTunes or Amazon and get “Waste a Moment” Instantly:
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20 Responses

  1. Steffy Verduzko says:

    I’m Crying ?????

  2. Eve Mon says:

    cadê os Brs?

  3. Dasean_Volk says:

    Take the time to waste a moment.. in the nostalgia of this tune

  4. KCP says:

    classic Kings of leon sound. Nothing great though, wish they could have
    taken some more risks, step outside their comfort level and explore….kind
    of boring to be honest, hope the album isnt like this.

    not that my opinion matters, but I give this song a 6/10

    still love the boys

  5. rohan ramgude says:

    Fucking my whole life revolves around KOL !

  6. Cami Javi says:

    they sound the same but better, is that possible?

  7. Erin Heskett says:

    KOL are musical geniuses and can do NO wrong. People who complain that they
    “don’t sound as good as their previous albums” need to shut their pieholes.
    True musicians evolve and push themselves for authenticity, something that
    most artists and bands severely lack. The variety in each of their albums
    is what makes the Kings….THE KINGS.k

  8. Miesemuis1 says:

    Caleb’s first verse is better than sex. SO COOL.

  9. MythicalBear says:

    I’ve waited for a long time. The boys helped me through a lot of shit. And
    to see people say “they’ve sold out” are deaf. They sound the same,maybe
    they’re just not high, the listeners. If you’re looking for a rewind, leave
    and hit the bong. The band didn’t. :)

  10. maria clara (cLAra) says:

    I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH and caralho ta mt boa

  11. Max Headroom says:

    Fuck all the people that are stuck in the past.. This fucken rocks ✌?️

  12. KachZz says:

    Lady Gaga 0 – 1 Kings Of Leon

  13. Tom C says:

    If this is an indicator for the sound of the new album i’ll be very

  14. Dan Styles_ says:

    listened to it like a hundred times in a row!! can’t get enough!! welcome

  15. Jesús Eduardo Rodriguez Hernández says:

    son los mejores ?❤ putos amos

  16. MrWolfy43 says:

    Sounds like bland Christian Rock

  17. Garrett1240 says:

    To all of those who keep saying “they sold out, this sucks”, have you ever
    came up with the idea that they are more mature, family men now? I mean
    they are dads and won’t be going back to the cocaine and alcoholism that
    wrote their first 3 albums.

    In order for them to go back to their old sound they’d have to regress in
    their musical talent (those are caleb’s words), start doing drugs again,
    and finally they’d have to likely leave their families as it is the main
    factor that drives the kind of music they make.

    This song is very good. They will never make another ‘red morning light’ or
    ‘California waiting’. That was when they were kids at heart without the
    responsibilities of being fathers and husbands. Back then they had the
    burden of drugs, which they don’t now!

    Be happy for them, if you don’t enjoy the music thats fine, but quit saying
    they sold out when all they really did was sober up and become full-fledged

  18. Boatymacbubblebuttface says:

    they still have the touch not common nowadays, respect!

  19. Billy Bibbit says:

    Fuck yeah ! that’s ma boys

  20. king daca says:

    As a HUGE KOL fan, I’m so excited for their new album. For fellow fans, I
    suggest listening to LONELY THE BRAVE… they’ve been around since like
    2014 but I believe their going to be insanely popular this year. Not enough
    people know of them, and they’re absolutely amazing. KOL was literally my
    life for years and years, and now lonely the brave is taking reign over my
    everyday music choices. I highly suggest giving them a listen. CHEERS!!