Kirby and the Forgotten Land – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Kirby and the Forgotten Land – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

In this new unforgettable 3D platforming adventure, Kirby explores a mysterious world full of abandoned structures from a past civilization. What surprises await the pink puffball?

Kirby and the Forgotten Land releases Spring 2022!

#Kirby #NintendoDirect #NintendoSwitch

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#Kirby #NintendoDirect #NintendoSwitch

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41 Responses

  1. Abdullah says:

    I can’t wait to see what the existentially horrifying final boss will be this time.

  2. Almond Joy says:

    Kirby is the only game franchise I know that can have happy music playing while traversing through a ruined, post-apocalyptic wasteland.

  3. Mario Vanzzini says:

    After reading a bunch of comments, I hope Nintendo is aware of all the happiness that’s bringing to several generations. Nicely Done Nintendo!

    • Firemarth says:

      After that: “with N switch online, you will be able to play a small catalogue of n64 and megadrive games… paying an extra fee!”. Awfully done Nintendo!

    • PCPU says:

      @Firemarth really, if nintendo dont release the n64 one, you get less, while yes, you get only a handfull of games, but if nintendo dosen’t release that, online would not get something new

    • nobody says:

      @Firemarth The N64 already has a very small game library

    • yagabogo says:

      @Firemarth i mean, the virtual console did the same thing and no one complained.

  4. banette guy says:

    I dunno how many times I’ve watched this HOT dammed beautiful trailer… 2022 is looking to be very promising for Nintendo!

    • Adil says:

      I haven’t been able to play my switch in two years since it broke so I have a lot of catching up on the games and I’m excited to see what’s to come

    • Yunone says:

      If you really think about it, next year marks the 30th anniversary of the Kirby franchise, and I think this game is a perfect way to celebrate that milestone and bring Kirby in a new direction.

    • banette guy says:

      @Adil not only that whenever u get the spare time that’s a lot of game binging, as long as u don’t get spoiled online lol

    • banette guy says:

      @Yunone oh crap you’re right! I didn’t even think about that that’s even better!

  5. SkyyySi says:

    Nintendo announcted multpile post-apocalyptic games this direct, but I never expected kirby to be one of them. But I certainly ain’t be complaining about that.

  6. Wadosan says:

    It’s adorable, it’s stunning, its expansive, it’s new, it’s incredible. This must be the reason it’s been so long since a Kirby announcement, because HAL really outdid themselves with this one. Bravo.

  7. TB Tabby says:

    Kirby’s done overhead view before, but this is the first time outside Air Ride that he’s traveled to the mysterious Third DImension. Remembering the N64 days when 2D franchises jumped to 3D with…varying degrees of success, I can see why he took his time. How will Kirby work in 3D? And what will the lore be this time? There was mention of a lost civilization that created Star Dream and possibly Nova in Planet Robobot. Maybe they built this city too.

    • Omar López says:

      @tricky 4x What does Sakurai has to do with anything? He hasn’t been involved on a Kirby game since 2004, Hal has done some of the best Kirby games without him, why is this one an exception?

    • tricky 4x says:

      @Omar López Well my 1st thought was that maybe the Mario team helped out on this game bcuz Hal isnt the biggest team and this seems like a way bigger project than usual. And then, thinking that last time Hal was trying to make a 3D Kirby platformer Sajurai was there. Then the fact that sakurai has probably been working on something else for awhile since Smash fightpass 2 is pretty much done. Anyway it was just a silly thing. But yeah, this game looks like it was developed by a bigger team. But I know that Nintendo has been growing their studios for the past couple years so Hal maybe has become bigger too.

    • Stoodmuffin Personal says:

      People are like “what about Crystal shards?” But. Even in 3d, that game was veey much still a sode scroller. Same with all the “return to dream land” style games. 2.5d at best. This will be his first full 3d adventure. And I am so excited for it!

    • Ale.2P says:

      Planet Robobot and Blowout Blast.

    • Ale.2P says:

      And Battle Royale.

  8. Sydrako says:

    If this game turns out bad somehow…the world is lost. It looks great right now tho, been my dream for years for a new 3D Kirby game

  9. the sewer man says:

    I’m pretty sure HAL are the only people who can make a post apocalyptic city look cute……….ALSO NEW 3D KIRBY WOOOH FINALY

  10. John Johnson says:

    Unironically looks great. Going full 3D is a great direction for Kirby, and the post-apoc Earth with happy funtime Kirby adventures is such a perfect setting for a Kirby game.

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