Kirk Franklin, Kelly Price, Fantasia, Tyrese & More Take Us to Church With “I Smile” Performance!

Kirk Franklin, Kelly Price, Fantasia, Tyrese & More Take Us to Church With “I Smile” Performance!

Kirk Franklin brings out Kelly Price, Fantasia, Jonathan McReynolds, Tyrese, Le’Andria Johnson, and Melvin Crispell III to kick off the “Saving Our Selves: BET COVID-19 Relief Effort” special.


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86 Responses

  1. Jennifer Hubbard says:

    Ole boy in the blue jean jacket is a whole vibe

  2. CatACor says:

    Fantasía said “I don’t know the words yet, but I’ma take you to church anyway” 😂😩👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  3. Tanika Tarbutton says:

    This sounded almost better then the original!😏😏😏😏

  4. writerzblock00 says:

    This is soooooooo dope. I’m here for the remake

  5. Jai Benson says:

    Kelly price runs were literally flawless

  6. Jessica Ross says:

    Melvin Crispell iii – guy in the blue Jean jacket 💯👌🔥

  7. siviwe gabela says:

    Miss kelly those runs …. dzammmmm

  8. Lady Lobo says:

    Why we can’t come together like this just because we are great, and not only when we are at a turmoil. Beautiful by the way

  9. Amanda louis says:

    Tyrese and that hat lol, but you know you felt his o o o’s in your soul.

  10. Toni Leeks-Lee says:

    This made my day…BET you should hold concerts like this during this situation…it will uplift inspire and keep people sane….I smiled through this entire video…..felt like I went to church!!!!!Amen

  11. Nate says:

    Fantasia is a whole vibe! Kirk Franklin is music royalty! True artistry! Only he can get all these artists together and just kill it! Kirk for president!

  12. Derrick Washington, Sr says:

    Leandra, Kelly, fantashia – 3 of my absolute fav female singers…HOMERUN TO EVERY SINGER ON THIS “VIGEO” thanks Kirk

  13. Joyce Cunningham says:

    The Today Show, GMA should show these type of boost buster. Smile through the pandemic

  14. Emily Edwards says:

    I have listened to this about 5-6 times straight…they are the truth……praise break…yes!!!!

    • Eric Ingram says:

      Emily Edwards 🤣 they made me throw my liquor bottle down the drain, right before I made my brother go get another one 🤣 but in all honesty, this song really designated with me

    • Emily Edwards says:

      Mr. @Eric Ingram that song, even though I had heard it many times before, resonated with me as well. Ministers sometimes have difficult days…today was one of those days and that song was what I needed today:)!!

  15. Candy Cane says:

    Kelly is perfection. LeAndria is amazing, but who expected anything less? Jonathon opening was amazing. Tyrese was in his bag. Brother in the jacket killed & Tasia… just being present. Love it! Amazing

  16. Nia Moore says:

    You know these folks can sang for real because ain’t nobody in the studio lol

  17. Weston Killian says:

    Everyone sounds excellent and gave a beautiful delivery but that Jonathan McReynolds has a beautiful tone to his voice he can sing anything

  18. Ellen Powell says:

    I don’t think people really recognize the gift of Kirk Franklin with his ability to arrange and put together the right voices. He’s a genius!

  19. Pink Lady says:

    Kelly looking like a Woman’s. I almost forgot Tyrese knows how to sing,but he reminded me real quick.😂 Who is the brother in the jean jacket? 😲 He almost snatched my soul! 😇 I loved every bit of this!❤️🥰

    • jreecen says:

      Jean jacket is Melvin Crispell III. Son of a legendary gospel musician and song writer Melvin Crispell . He also won Sunday Best. Im sure you can find him on YouTube and be blessed!

    • JsnLwrnce says:

      Pink Lady LoL hey I thought the same thing about Tyrese LoL I was like Oh…. he CAN sang LoL

  20. Free Your Mind says:

    It is unreal how many talented people we have in the industry entertaining us, and when you get this many of them together Mr. Franklin……gave me chills. I could not be friends with any of them because they would have to sing their part of our convos every time.

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