Kit Kat Eyeshadow Palette… Is it Jeffree Star Approved?

Kit Kat Eyeshadow Palette… Is it Jeffree Star Approved?

HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! ? Today I’m testing out the brand new delicious Kit Kat eyeshadow palette from the Korean brand Etude House! There are 2 flavors so I’m going to try out both and see if the formula is Jeffree Star Approved™ or a flop! ?

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43 Responses

  1. Lacey Eder says:

    If you thought that strawberry was good, you guys need to try and get your hands on a bag of their Caramel Pudding Kit Kat’s from Halloween. I got it in a Japanese snack box and OMG they’re so damn good. The strawberries and cream flavor is also delicious ?

    I’ve tried Etude House’s skincare before and it’s really nice, but not the makeup. I think the original palette might be worth it. One flop shade isn’t too bad if you can make the rest work, imo. Even though I know in Korea, they’re not expected to be full of pigment, I still expected more with that red. If anything, better blendability. That packaging is super cute, though.

    I think you should try other Korean/Japanese beauty brands or even skin care. I got a great sleep mask in a special Birchbox once and I looove it and plan on buying more. I also have pore strips, a peel off mask, and those foot masks. Oh, and Tony Moly sheet masks too. They’re nice and all of the products are so cute and actually fun to use too.

  2. xynith geronimo says:

    Jeffree: usually i hate small things..?

    OH MY GOD ?

  3. Amore Vietato says:

    Shimmer eyeshadows from Korean brands are very sheer that they usually use it as a “topper” instead of a full on eyelid color. So it is pretty normal if they aren’t that pigmented and shimmery because they are made that way to cater to the tastes and preferences of Korean consumers. Most Korean women just like a wash of color on their lids not heavy pigmented eye looks that western people really like.

    • Sandra Vermeulen says:

      Not all western people go for thick eyeshadow. You will in fact not see that a lot out on the streets. But there has to be something there…I mean you pay for a shade, you want to see something. Some of those kitkat colours weren’t there at all. Not even a little wash.

    • Amore Vietato says:

      Sandra Vermeulen Etude House is a brand where their eyeshadows are pretty much a hit or a miss. They have some really good ones (most of them are darker shades). As for the shimmery ones, they are okay and work better when fingertips are used for application but still not as foiled and glittery as most palettes/singles from American brands. 3CE is also a Korean brand that makes pretty good eyeshadows.

  4. Dawon Kim says:

    OKay so I actually have the original KitKat palette(the red one lol) with me rn so I’ll try to translate the names real quick. (Disclamer: my english is not the best sooooo yeah)

    Left to right
    1.Sweet Vanilla Chocolate, 2.Soft Milk Chocolate, 3.Crunchy Sweet Flavor,
    4.Original Chocolate Brown, 5.Thinly Crushed Biscuit, 6.You’re my KitKat

  5. 형태미 says:

    I’m Korean but I don’t really like the quality of Korean make-up as they are generally not meant to be long lasting, and that has something to do with girls in South Korea not really into super pigmented eyeshadows and emphasizes more on eyeliner and softer colors, softer looks to be more young-looking. I personally use USA brands for makeup, but Korean products for skincare.

  6. Im _loveli says:

    I dont know Y but after watching this video I feel like I wanna eat chocolate ???

  7. otsukare says:

    I’m South Korean and most of the makeup here is like this. We usually go for nude and no one really uses heavy make up. You can look at Korean girl idols and see a lot of them go for natural beauty look. Metallic shades act as more of a highlighter or used under the eye. Nude shades are better since Etude House is used to making nude shades more than crazy shades like you’re used to. Also we don’t use brushes for eye shadow we mostly use sponges or apply it with the finger. Honestly glad to see a foreigner’s perspective on our normal makeup products. Etude House is the epitome of Korean makeup, every single one of my makeup products are from there. You were very respectful and understanding as always. Love ya Jeffree✨

    • Naomi Alvarado says:

      Yeah their makeup is meant for natural looks but literally none of the shades were consistent and some shades DIDNT even show up. Korean brands don’t get a pass because their minimalistic. If a product doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Sorry

    • Michelle Louise says:

      otsukare ok I’ll dm you mama that
      JKJKKJKJKKK thx for the advice

    • Kimberly Walter says:

      +Giselle Zorua thank you very much! I will totally go on and take a look!!!! Exciting.

    • 마시멜로 says:

      +Naomi Alvarado They’re sometimes formulated to be inconsistent though. Not defending this palette cuz I’ve never used it but not many people in Korea really does intense metallic inner corners or vibrant red lids. Shimmers and pops of colors in Korea usually aren’t meant to be packed on top of each other. Just like US formulas are formulated for their own needs (high pigmentation) so are Korean makeup. The colors might have shown up better if you used them on their own, but obviously they’re still nowhere going to be as intense as many US eyeshadows.

      I respect your viewpoint and Jeffree for giving his opinion. If the product doesn’t work for you that is totally fine as well, but I just wanted to point out that “all shades have to be totally consistent in pigmentation” is not a golden rule that Korean makeup companies go by, for the makeup looks that we do.

  8. 슈닝 says:

    Jeffree, thank you so much for your review! I totally knew that it wouldn’t be the best palette for you, because it isn’t so pigmented as the Western makeup palettes.
    So I want to give you some real K Beauty recommendations with real good quality. Hope that you are interested in these and test them out!
    1. Clio – Prism air shadow
    :known for REALLY pigmented glitter eyeshadows, so I realllly recommend this one (single eyeshadows!)
    2. Espoir – Be silk foundation
    :This is one of the most famous and popular foundation in Korea at the moment, with matte silky finish
    3. Peripera – Ink black mascara
    :This is known for a very long lasting mascara, lasting the curls of the eyelashes that you curled before applying the mascara. But it might not be as volumizing as American mascaras
    4. Too cool for school – Art by Rodin countour
    :This is the best contour in Korea, known for the best color choice for contouring and good formula. But just know that Koreans do not ‘bronze’ their face, so they go for natural shading color
    5. Bbia – Last velvet lip tint
    :It has liquid lipstick like formula, and has really cute colors from all ranges of personal tones/colors (this is a thing in korea as well, you should definitely check what ‘personal color’ is, which consists of spring warm, fall warm, summer cool, winter cool tones and more specified tones that matches your natural skin tone and best colors for you!)
    6. Clio -Rouge heel velvet lipstick
    :Clio is just one of the best brands with great quality of makeup products. This is matte lipstick and I think it has around 20 colors
    7.3ce – Eye switch
    :This is a glitter eyeliner. But it is not actually used as an eyeliner, but koreans apply this under their eyes for a cute plumped eye bag effect or to look like tears with that glitter. It’s really prettyyyy
    Hope you read this comment and actually try out some of these products! And thank you for the review as well~

  9. BabeDollB says:

    Since it’s a Korean product, they’re really big on a light wash of color, they don’t like the western style as much where they do really bold/loud colors. They’re really big on the natural almost no makeup look, so I don’t think it’s necessarily that the palette flopped, but a wash of color was what they were going for

    • Nicole Cheyenne says:

      +xMourningStar you’re not buying cosmetics from a food brand you’re buying cosmetics from a cosmetics brand collaborating with a food brand and that collaboration is pretty much for just the packaging so the formula should still be consistent.

    • Carleigh Acosta says:

      Ya still not pigmented enough for some people. it’s just an opinion.

    • King Aesthetic says:

      Koreaboos will always defend anything and everything that comes from Korea ?

    • Kendra Brook Rowe says:


    • KitKat says:

      +africkso I think with the red it wasn’t inconsistent. With the metallics maybe. But if you look at how they usually use reds in Korean makeup it’s usually the same color that appeared when Jeffree put it on his lid.

  10. emily says:

    the candy probably tastes better in other countries because we use cane sugar instead of corn syrup. In Australia at least, it’s actually cheaper for us to use cane sugar here, and I’ve noticed from trying things that have been sweetened with corn syrup that I really can taste the difference. It’s got kind of a sickly artificial undertaste to it that lingers on the back of your tongue

    • Dinky says:

      Same, we use cane sugar in the UK. It makes it taste sweeter, and less artificial as you said. Quite addictive tho :S

    • Tasma Pittock says:

      Also, candy in US doesnt have the same set standards. For example, chocolate in the rest of the world needs a certain amount of coco to be called “chocolate”. The US has no such rules

  11. yoyo chu says:

    It’s used to have a Coca Cola makeup ,from Korea too

  12. Matilde Salzano says:

    8:45 “ Usually I hate small things” ??? DEAD

  13. Beep Boop says:

    OK for the tons of comments saying korean makeup is sheer, I agree. I am korean, and having an annoying friend who always criticizes me for liking sheer products, I know what you mean. BUTTTTT IT IS TRUE THAT SOME SHADES FLOPPED. i have both palettes and normally like sheer shades but did think the gold shade in the original was kind of bad and the red was splotchy. I think jeffree knows whats just objectively good and bad EVEN IF we include the fact that some ppl have diffrrent tastes. love all his videos and i still completely respect it if you absolutely loved both palettes.

  14. Melanie Cash says:

    I honestly didn’t ever think there was anything wrong with your lips! But now that I see them fixed I’m like damn I can actually see exactly what you’re talking about now. Looks great Jeffree ???

  15. Olivia Wilson says:

    Jeffrey should Collab with the frosting brand that he eats and make lip sticks/glosses that taste like the frosting and are all different colours!

  16. Daneeka Zlatovich says:

    *Jeffree:”I’m just a good candy addict”*
    Same, except I gain weight?????

  17. Irene Kim says:

    hey I’m from South Korea and I just wanted to say that I really liked the review and even though it wasn’t 100% positive I love that he was very honest and that at least he didn’t kiss ass. Makeup’s just different here and it could definitely be weird to other people. The main reason I’m writing this comment is because Etude is mainly for teens especially girls in middle school because it is so affordable and maybe not the best quality. There’s a lot of makeup here and Etude really doesn’t represent all of it so I would love it if you could review different products from here too. I love you Jeffree, please visit some day.

  18. Yoo Jin Kim김유진 변호사 says:

    Its korean?????
    The way you dip your brush gave me tickles??

  19. Alissa Cornholio says:

    “I bought two one to stare at and one to open” Lololol can’t relate

  20. charmaine hansen says:

    Loving how Jeffree listened to the people tweeting at him that Korean makeup is different than American and more sheer. Still not what I’ve seen even for Korean makeup vids but the packaging is so cute!

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