Kitana’s War Fans (Mortal Kombat X)- MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED

Kitana’s War Fans (Mortal Kombat X)- MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED

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Every other Monday, our team of blacksmiths and craftsman build some of your favorite weapons, and some weapons that you’ve never seen before. The guys take on their first Mortal Kombat build with Kitana’s War Fans!

Let us know in the comments below which weapon you’d like to see us build next!

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Kerry Stagmer – Swordsmith and Machinist
Matt Stagmer – Swordsmith
Ilya Alekseyev – Master Armourer and Engraver
Sam Salvati – Blacksmith
Lauren Schott – Goldsmith and Casting
John Mitchell – Fabricator

Filmed on Location at Baltimore Knife and Sword

Series Created & Directed by Andy Signore

Series Produced by Brent Lydic

Episode Build Directed by Ricky Lloyd George

Line Producer – Phil Rogers
Production Manager – Benjamin Montague
Office Production Coordinator – Brendan Kennedy
Post Production Coordinator – Amanda Arellano

Director of Photography – Corey Jennings

Story Producer — Dave Cross
1st AC – Jason Remeikis/Joe Archard
Gaffer – Steve Scott
Grip – Danny Balsamo
Production Coordinator – Katelynn Zimmerman
Runner/PA – Gino Moscati
Red Cam Op – Sunil Devadanam
DIT – Jeremy Morrison
Set Medic – Celeste Bowe

Edited by — Chris Otwell
Lead Assistant Editor – Gracie Hartmann

Head of Post Production – Michael Gallagher

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20 Responses

  1. Sophie Bertrand says:

    kind of want to see rurouni kenshin’s sword now :0

  2. Athena Aquamarine says:


  3. Kareem Sabbagh says:

    pleas make siver’s huge shurikin from league of legends

  4. Ashley Todd says:

    You should make the sword from crouching tiger hidden dragon

  5. GekiroIs Here says:

    Yato’s sword, Sekki,from the anime Noragami. ( The old sekki or even the
    new one from the 2nd season )

  6. fluggenn says:

    Wargalaives of azzonoth!!!!!

  7. William Smith says:

    Black ops 3 zombies sword. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  8. José Martinho says:

    Shout out to Ilya dropping some cultural knowledge. Great job as always.

  9. Rogue-9 says:

    So Ilia can not only hand forge just about anything but he’s also a tailor
    and a painter! Respect!

  10. xPaZzA03 says:

    bild garens sword from leage of legens

  11. Anton “Drhonda” Richter says:

    please make, Thunderfury Blessed blade of the windseeker or ashkandi
    greatsword of the brotherhood I dare you.

  12. Thiago Martins says:

    solar sword Destiny

  13. Mason Doom says:

    Do black ops 3 combat knife!!!!

  14. Kim Mooi Lau says:

    make Terraria sword

  15. The Hundredth Monkey says:

    I would be more afraid for the person using this weapon then whoever they
    were fighting! XD

  16. megazwatcher says:

    talon’s 3 bladed sword from sword and the sorcerer

  17. Joe Steigerwald says:

    plez do scorpions sword and spear from Mortal Kombat X

  18. john manussis says:

    Could you maybe try do Oathkeeper or Widow’s wail from game of thrones. The
    books say it’s got like red rings in the metal. Idk if that’s even possible

  19. Danny Saravia says:

    Black ops 3 Dingo

  20. SB0083 says:

    Shiho’s Kiseki-Oh from Seraph of the End.