Kitten makes hilarious sounds while eating

Kitten makes hilarious sounds while eating

This Bengal-mix kitten is not shy about expression her feeling about her favorite food. Listen as she hilariously sings in excitement as she chows down. It almost sounds like “Yum-Yum-Yum”!

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20 Responses

  1. Everything There Is says:


  2. Alejandro Ramirez says:


  3. Hunter Curtis says:

    I absolutely hate overreacting comments about pets being “harmed.” Trust
    me, I do. But this cat doesn’t seem to like other people and cats being so
    close to it while it eat.

    I’ll be on my way now.

  4. elmotivoso85 says:


  5. james falco says:

    37 sec i can’t get back

  6. 123rockstar2010 says:

    I know for a fact that this means *stay away from me and my food while I’m
    eating*… I have alot of cats that is why.

  7. rich fuller says:

    Sounds like me when I’m having consensual sex.

  8. ANGELA D!AZ (Angie) says:

    Aww ♡

  9. Izzät Nadiri says:

    I think the owner make these sounds.

  10. Meat Boy says:

    How the fuck is this popular?

  11. Aiden K says:

    my cat dose the same but only whene I touch him. so thats why his catnot

  12. Aiden K says:

    … whops

  13. Cupcake Crocodile says:

    My friend had a cat we let it in our house all the time and we gave him
    food but there was no cats around and he did that noise?

  14. Molly Brown says:

    The first time I fed my cat “(when he was still a kitten) after finding him
    on the street he made the sound that sounded exactly like “Oh wow……oh
    wow….oh wow…”. You may think I’m making this up but I’m not and I wouldn’t
    believe it if I hadn’t heard it myself.

  15. baha8428 says:

    fuck i was have a cat do the same sound i wish i film it

  16. Primo Aquatics / Carlo Cabral says:


  17. Primo Aquatics / Carlo Cabral says:

    cute!! omg its so cute I wish I have a cat but I have a dog X3

  18. forrest225 says:


  19. Zee Thirteen says:

    Shut up cat, its not that good. It’s chicken paste and oyster sauce!!!
    (Joking of course–But could you imagine if that’s true? No wonder Friskies
    cost $0.55 a can.)