Kitten Trapped in Storm Drain Rescued after 33 Hours!

Kitten Trapped in Storm Drain Rescued after 33 Hours!

A crew of dedicated animal lovers in California helped save a helpless kitten that was trapped in a storm drain for over 33 hours!

David Loop of Sierra Pacific FurBabies a non profit rescue organization in CA, arrived at 1:30 pm on Sunday and the kitten was finally pulled out at 10:30 pm on Monday.

They named the kitten “Piper” and he’s doing very well thanks to the efforts of everyone involved 🙂

Find out more about the great work they do here:

Special thanks to All American Plumbing:



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20 Responses

  1. Newkid456 AJ says:


  2. Wyatt Andrews says:

    I’m crying

  3. John Meep says:

    This shit is another FAKE setup video made to scam people for donations.
    Ohh Ya, I’m just SO sure that’s the spokes person, David Loop from Sierra
    Pacific FurBabies a non profit rescue organization in CA legitimately just
    stumbled across a baby kitten in a storm drain pipe. He has all the
    information below to help you donate. Just ask people, don’t scam you
    fucking piece of dog-shit loser!

  4. culwin says:

    How did it get in there with the grate on?

  5. Ethan Wagner says:


  6. Lucie Šebová says:

    poor kitten ;(

  7. Lina Sigmund says:


  8. Alec Kirk says:

    I don’t think I signed the papers to go on this feels trip

  9. entercotornist says:

    fucking pussies these days.

    no, you, the one who cried watching this.

  10. Stephanie Raymond says:

    This is one of those times when the human race amazes me with their
    kindness and determination to do something good for another living
    creature. May good things come for all who helped:-)

  11. bstrongbbelle says:

    Oh my goodness..I cannot! He is way too precious.

  12. Craig Shepherd says:

    Piper, oh das fucked up.

  13. David Godfrey says:

    Internet loves kittens.

  14. Stacy Hinds says:


  15. Uzma Khan says:

    The kitten look so cute!

  16. Verxfied Edits says:

    Then he’s gonna be cooked in a Vietnamese restaurant.

  17. Fricktion says:

    You know, I sometimes really hate these types of videos. But then I thought
    to myself, if watching a cat get saved cheers you up in a dark depressing
    world then that’s awesome. Carry on.

  18. Swifties' “k-popper” Galaxy 13 says:

    thank you David, thank you so much for having such a kind soul and not
    giving up even when there was no way to rescue the kitten at first.

    you saved an innocent life and i cant explain my gratitude to you for doing
    that. thank you so much.

  19. 123boy Velten says:

    He looks like my cat

  20. F Sam says:

    try to save some people who die every dey …priority bro