Kitten wants to play, dog wants to nap

Kitten wants to play, dog wants to nap

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20 Responses

  1. kitteekittee says:

    so freaking adorable! the kittens paws are so cute

  2. Kevin B. MacAnthony says:

    CNN brought me here.

  3. Joey says:

    Why is this trending with only 1,500 views?

  4. Taco salad says:

    1.5k and trending yeah sure

  5. The Curious Art of Alexander says:

    What was that at the beginning about kicking someone’s ass?

  6. HomelessLarry says:

    *I will never understand the YouTube trending algorithm…*

  7. Macdocon says:

    This. This is what the trending tab was made for.

  8. Synth3tic says:

    “Maybe it will go away if I ignore it.”

  9. Olivia S says:

    Everyone commenting ‘how is this trending’ is just making it more popular?

  10. Dignified Insanity says:

    “Come on…”

  11. Sharlenn La says:

    5.3 views and #11 on trending


  12. Kathy P says:

    cute lol

  13. Scooby Dooby doo says:

    This is what youtube is supposed to be about

  14. Evelyn Nye says:


  15. Sarat R says:

    People are freaking out because of trending views… but i am surprised how does a kitten has that big paw!!!!!

  16. Potato Carrot says:

    Those are some weird birds you have there

  17. Victor says:

    This is what youtube used to be about…. Cat videos

  18. Dennise Espanilla says:

    I SWEAR!!!! This is like me and my siblings

  19. Deepa Lall says:

    Play with me goofy!! Says aristocat

  20. The Shadowgunner says:

    Here before it’s famous

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