Kittens Swim Up To Fisherman’s Boat Looking for Help | The Dodo

Kittens Swim Up To Fisherman’s Boat Looking for Help | The Dodo

Kittens Swim Up To Fisherman’s Boat Looking for Help | This guys were out in their boat when they saw the tiniest babies swimming towards them for help. Love Animals? Subscribe:

Credit: Jason Frost via @JukinVideo (

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.

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20 Responses

  1. Gina G says:

    Why did I just tear up watching this☺?

  2. Ike says:

    Don’t despair. as many people as there are who abandon animals, theres just as many who save em. Good job fellas

  3. Sokha Pho says:

    Who left the kittins there

  4. Biff Roberts says:

    As a critter owner myself, after seeing this, I’m both pissed & happy at the same time. Pissed that a irresponsible Jackass would do this to these critters & HAPPY that these fellers were in the right place at the right time to rescue them. Bet this is one fish tale that no one will ever believe. lol And God has a special place up above for these two fellers for not only doing the right thing but for saving Gods critters. GREAT JOB FELLERS!!!

  5. anaviveri says:

    where are they now?!?!

  6. The Life of Carter says:

    Please help me get to 300 subscribers! I will subscribe back!


    ASMR voice lovers hit subscribe and enjoy the videos.

  8. Zeayo says:

    This is an old clip, sick repost.

  9. britney brit says:

    Awwww that was sad and cool at the same time

  10. Miraslov says:

    I want to know what happened to the kittens

  11. Olivia Boskett says:

    God Bless ya’ll, that was so sweet. I am crying.

  12. Victoria Vargas says:

    Now you were adopted by them hehe

  13. The Natal Adventures says:

    So glad you guys were there to save them!! So adorable!

  14. coldsore says:

    we want the full video dodo

  15. Kay Tee says:

    Even though I’m ilergic to cars this is the cutest thing ever

  16. Terence Pointer says:

    I bet they were like lucky y’all ain’t big enough to make the grease stank

  17. de4th1snt3nough says:

    that totally made my day lol

  18. delariean says:

    This is from two years ago…..the update on this guy’s channel is that the boat dock family adopted them on the spot. Here’s the original vid:

  19. starrychloe says:

    Wait I saw the original video a few weeks ago. This was just stolen and overlay effects applied.

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