Klay Thompson is key to LeBron’s quest for a Lakers championship – Stephen A. | First Take

Klay Thompson is key to LeBron’s quest for a Lakers championship – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith marvels at Klay Thompson’s shooting prowess and breaks down how Klay could potentially elevate Los Angeles’ championship odds alongside LeBron James if he becomes a Laker in free agency.

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106 Responses

  1. Mon Gu Son says:

    Huh how tf is a player on another team a key for another team.

    • Carter Oxley says:


    • Wodz30 says:

      someone explain free agency to this stupid fuck

    • Not Today says:

      MikeBNumba6 the media is setting up Harden for a high and steep fall. They don’t mention anything about Harden needing more help. They over-praise his 50 pt streak and hype up his MVP chase. And then when he chokes in the playoffs (because he has no help), they’re going to FEAST on Harden like a bunch of hungry hungry hippos

    • Richard Ayala says:

      +Wodz30 oww my feelings are hurt I’m crying ?the fact that you call people names for saying something you think is dumb shows that you’re a sensitive person, attack the comment not the person?

  2. Bol Bol says:

    Klay Thompson is the key for Warriors winning 4th championship in a row after 3peating it this season.

  3. nevermindme313 says:

    Media propaganda to create dissension amongst the Golden State Warriors. Klay has never expressed interest in joining the Lakers or leaving Golden State. LeBron media fanboys creating the never ending narratives once again

  4. Jaden Johnson says:

    Mychal Thompson gets praise and an honorable mention every time Klay is brought up here on First Take. ?

  5. Tony Chan says:

    so PG13, Kemba, AD, Kyrie, Beal, KD and now KLAY are all joining Lakers next year? Can’t we just appreciate a player’s game without trading them to the Lakers anymore?

  6. papi mbaye says:

    It is ridiculously funny how a “Klay’s performance against the Lakers” turn into a “Laker’s target for next season” conversation.

  7. JUST says:

    Lakers gets destroyed at home. Klay should go to the Lakers. Why would he leave the GSW?

  8. j0epark1 says:

    So first AD, then Kyrie, then Klay, and then it’s gonna be King Kong, then Godzilla, then Jesus and then the Holy Fkin Spirit.

  9. Alex Chen says:

    Klay has literally shown no interest in joining the Lakers. ESPN needs to calm down

    • Fred Williams, Jr. says:

      Alex Chen no 1 wants to go there Lebron gone have to take his panties off

    • Meltin John says:

      I just thought of something.. if GS’s team stays together it could collapse the NBA and the lakers if LeBron is left to himself, and other teams aren’t benefitting by GS staying together. They’re that good. Almost like the Patriots of the NBA. Know how much it would cost L.A to get Klay? GS would STILL be good after the trade because they’d get at least Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram and if not both, then 3 or 4 other key players like Jason Hart, At least Kuzma and Hart and then picks would get it done and then KCP who plays well for them at times too. They wouldn’t be that much better after the return. The lakers would have to compromise a few key players and picks for the future. And thats if GS decided to let him go in a sign and trade otherwise hes not going anywhere.

      I think L.A should get Kyrie and Danny Ainge better demand i a sign and trade at least Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram, KCP, even with no picks if need be. Just them.

    • Not Today says:

      Shhh. Don’t tell them that. ESPN likes to make up their own reality

    • Chestdayeveryday says:

      There obviously trying to bring viewers to watch the show and people like you watch them because of the topic

    • Andre Riter says:

      +Nehemiah Howard I don’t understand why people bring up this dumb ass point, literally every player says that whilst they are a part of the team but end up leaving anyway.

  10. Smite Stuff says:

    Too bad he’s not leaving the Warriors lmao. Mediatards always trying to push people to LA to play with Lebron

    • Radio The Lakers Signed Me on a 1 year deal says:

      Smite Stuff The lakers are getting radio, klay, Carmelo, AD, giannis, Paul George and Bobby bushay all on a 1 year contract

  11. REDSP1R1T PS4 says:

    They are trying to speak this into existence over 1000 ways????

  12. Sheng Guo says:

    And ESPNs worship of the Lakers continues…

    • HeSoHandsome says:

      That’s too damn bad. The Lakers are like the Yankees. Get over it.

    • Samurai Jack says:

      Real Laker fans know the media (ESPN/FS1) doesn’t care about the Lakers, only LeBron. They never pushed for literally every all star free agent to sign with us. They just want to push their narratives for LeBron

    • HeSoHandsome says:

      Samurai Jack you’re an idiot. They only talk about free agency and the Lakers every year.

    • Alternate says:

      Steven Adams: “What’s up, LeBron?”
      The next day…
      ESPN: “The Lakers pursuit for Steven Adams this offseason could potentially mean a new dynasty for LeBron and LA”
      Steven Adams’ reaction: “What??”
      The next day: “Breaking News: Steven Adams wants out of OKC; wants to join LeBron and Lakers”

    • Alternate says:

      +Sheng Guo so if LeBron supports Trump, the media would stop covering him?

  13. Andrew Smythe says:

    This dude changes his mind EVERYDAY on who is KEY to Lebron winning another title.

  14. The Hippo says:

    The Lakers are signing
    Greek freak
    Gregg Popovich will quit spurs for the Lakers too and the suns will trade a draft pic for Brandon Ingram so Zion Williams can join the lakers this season too.

    • Ivan Cruz says:



      Tbh that Popovich take sounds like tomorrow’s A Block.

    • Meltin John says:

      Whether GS stays together and keeps beating everyone or the Lakers get the superteam they want with a ton of guys, the league is falling apart no matter what. The league would lose money no matter what. Only way L.A gets great is to break up GS , have one star of theirs go to the lakers and I don’t see that happening. LeBron will not beat GS again with the team they have now, mark my words. And what if the warriors are that good to STILL win even after Klay or Durant goes? They definitely would if Durant left for sure, Klay was a key to all their titles though, they need him more. I think Durant is most likely to go to the Lakers, and then they can get Kyrie too.. I wanna see it happen frankly and they’d still lose to GS but not if the lakers got Klay but they arent so..

    • Bleaveland Bavaliers says:

      Don’t forget they’re also getting head Coach Brad Stevens and Ray Allen is coming back to play for them along w JVG as 2nd head coach

    • EVERYTHING ! ! says:

      The Hippo they receive a those stars and trade Brian scalabrine for 16 rings

  15. MikeBNumba6 says:

    “James harden needs more help.”

    Oh sorry That excuse is only for lebron

    • Galvatron says:

      Deyknw Last year Lebron took The Cavs to the finals. Now you’re telling me if he had let’s say Kawhi or some other superstar to help defeat the Warriors they wouldn’t have?? Jordan wouldn’t have no rings if it was wasn’t for the help of other superstar or great role players. Let’s stop bullshit ok ??‍♂️??‍♂️

    • Deyknw says:

      +Galvatron u confusing help with superstars. Lebron had good players on his team last yr and everyone in the media cried for him to get more help. He got more help and they got swept in the finals. The team he had b4 they got more help indivually is doing better than they did playing with lebron is all i was stating . Also ive never said x player didnt need help why do lebron. Yes everyone needs help but the media pushes this “new generation Goat” to get the superstar help every single yr it becomes ignoring

    • Galvatron says:

      Deyknw Help is help superstar or not??‍♂️
      Last year the team Lebron had was trash straight facts but he still worked with what he had and still made it to the finals. Rose is balling but there are no expectations of him and the twolves winning a ring. Same way Rose is balling he should’ve been doing that in Cleveland no excuses. Dwade always been a beast but it’s over for him. Where is KLove?? What is Cleveland doing?? Since all the players he played with is doing better. Besides Kyrie, who excelled?

    • poopscoop says:

      and KD lmao. needs a whole team to help him win something

    • poopscoop says:

      +MikeBNumba6 coz when lebron leaves a team, that team goes to the bottom of the league. thats not true for any other player 🙂

  16. Anthony Rose says:

    Y’all know damn well Klay ain’t leaving the Warriors???

  17. Sanctimonious Max says:

    Yes, Klay wants to go to LA where he’ll be labeled a “scrub” as soon as he misses a few shots…

    • Tyler Jones says:

      Sanctimonious Max He a miss a wide open three and lebron fans a call him a damn role player

    • DreadsAndKush says:

      on god. that nigga ever have a slump one night, all lebron fans gone say he overrated and he can only shoot 3’s on the warriors. lol

    • Star Baretta says:


    • AlexLoeher says:

      First he’d be called out on the floor by LeBron on national television, the media would blame him for not serving LeBron enough and the entire media would recommend he be traded for far less than he’s worth, then constantly dogged by his teammates and the media, God forbid he actually start playing worse because being hated for something that’s not your fault tends to destroy your confidence and that is key in sports, and his career never recovers because he’ll always be seen as the guy who didn’t step up to give LeBron his deserved trophy.

      Not that I ever could, but if I was in the NBA, I’d put a no-trade clause in my contract for whatever team has LeBron. No amount of championships is worth that scrutiny and lack of appreciation.

    • Evil Eye Gaming says:

      FACTS that’s why no one wants to play with LeBron

  18. Teezy says:

    Espn headquarters be like

    Klay Thompson: failed
    Jimmy butler: failed
    Paul George: failed
    Kawhi Leonard: failed
    Kevin Durant: failed
    Anthony Davis: failed
    Kyrie Irving return?: failed

  19. Derrick kennedy says:

    KLAY WOULD NOT LEAVE GOLDENSTATE TO GO TO THE LAKERS !!!? Why tf would he leave his dynasty to try and help lebron ? Tf

  20. Baara B says:

    People are blinded by the wins, but forget that klay will go a whole month shooting 20% from the 3 and fold in big games.

    • Bob Charlie says:

      Klay is actually very consistent in terms of point contribution and defense. Sure, he may not go off every night and score 30 or 40 but he will give you at least 15 with great defense. Klay’s performance in the playoffs have also been great as well which is where it really counts. I think you need to check yourself before making stupid comments

    • damn son says:

      I like klay but i dont know if he would be that great if he would play for an other Team tbh

    • Bleaveland Bavaliers says:

      Yeah and name one star that doesn’t go through slumps, and then break records like this. You are dismissed

    • Studzi 4 says:

      Do you ever pay attention to what goes on on defense? Its fucking klay always taking the other teams best player while also clutching out game 6s in the playoffs

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