Knicks agree to trade Kristaps Porzingis to the Mavericks l The Jump

Knicks agree to trade Kristaps Porzingis to the Mavericks l The Jump

Rachel Nichols, Ramona Shelburne, Michael Wilbon and Tracy McGrady of The Jump react to breaking news that the New York Knicks reportedly will trade Kristaps Porzingis, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Courtney Lee to the Dallas Mavericks for Dennis Smith Jr., DeAndre Jordan and Wesley Matthews.

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95 Responses

  1. Mr.E says:

    Marc Cuban must be one happy man right now

  2. Mani Wulf says:

    Knicks fans… Explain why you are Knicks fans

    • The Anthropologist _Forensic says:

      +MrAitraining absolutely when it hit its worst, although it started earlier with Marbury,,, similar attention seeking ball hogs who cared more about stats than winning,….

      Even when the Knicks stunk, they showed they atleast showed up and didn’t take shit and played Smash mouth.

    • jayswagdr1ps says:

      JPPSrules they’ve also sucked ass for a long time and keep getting worse lol

    • Mike Beckmann says:

      I was loyal for a long time. Gave up after the Phil Jackson signing….I knew it would end up disastrous. Haven’t watched a game or been to one since. Looks like I haven’t missed anything other than 15 wins in a 5 year span. I refuse to give this organization a penny more of my money.

    • R McElhaney says:

      David Letterman used to joke about the Knicks all the time. I’ve never heard Stephen Colbert even talk about basketball.

    • KKfish says:

      Shut up you bandwagon looser. Also

      Oh yeah yeah!

  3. James I suck the refs off before games Harden says:

    I’m happy for Porzingis New York didn’t even want him on draft night anyways

  4. gewoon normaal says:

    Porzingis was allready pissed of on the knicks organisation for disrespecting melo. Him leaving was about to happen sooner or later

    • Ryan lex says:

      Lmao knicks organisation are done yo. Time to hang up your knicks shirt and move on, knicks have the most losing record in NBA yo.

    • Mark Williams says:

      gewoon normaal what??? Melo leaving NY was the best thing to happen in porzingis career

    • Ruth Mitt says:

      gewoon normaal no he was happy

    • GetEmJorge says:

      +Mark Williams wrong Melo averaged 4 assist per game KP’s rookie season! Melo cared for KP and KP was the only dude who returned the favor well Drose did too but they were all kicked out by 2017

  5. Tom Delay Beats says:

    knicks just clearing cap space to sign rudy gay and austin rivers to max deals

  6. s says:

    Dallas loves their euro players

    • Drano Max Gel says:

      Donn Nelson is the Euro fanboy

    • Drano Max Gel says:

      Soon it’s going to be 70% African Americans in the nba. The game is evolving if you don’t think European players can’t ball. In 20 years it’s probably going to be just half and rest of the world. All you dudes making it about white players need to face the truth and stop crying that Euros are slowly starting to dominate the nba

    • Leroy Brown says:

      If they get a couple more white guys. They will be hard to beat. White players are much smarter and play the game the right way. Blacks are more concerned with looking cool to get on highlights. Most of them belong on the playground.

    • Cartier Frame Villain says:

      Leroy Brown you’re an idiot

  7. iran lassninja says:

    Breaking news: mark Cuban to report to trial for committing murder
    Victim: new York Knicks
    Possible sentence: a Dallas dynasty in the making

  8. J Bayawon says:

    the West is becoming a bit wilder this season… Porzingis is traded to the Mavs… And, soon, Davis to the Lakers… and there will be more surprise trades before the deadline…

  9. AnDrEw FULL SEND says:

    Why is Rosie O’Donnell talking sports?

  10. iran lassninja says:

    It feels great to be a nets fan

  11. jipeon says:

    As a Knick fan, I’ve seen this movie:

    1. Kp and Luka become allstars next year.
    2. THJ actually becomes reliable and wins 6th man of the year.
    3. The Knicks trade away the pieces from the Mavs deal for AD.
    4. AD promptly leaves for LA
    5. Knicks lose out on Zion by a game to the Cavs.
    6. Knicks fire Fizdale

    • Christaps says:


    • thiagox hernandez says:

      I’m going to screen shot this.

    • Cat says:

      jipeon y’all ain’t getting AD

    • diceDiddy says:

      Kristap left because Knicks plans are to TANK, any player OK with that is not a good player or cares.. So, you want a player fine with not giving his best?? 20yrs in the largest market and richest city in USA & they not only can attract notable players, but can’t use the one’s they get(1 playoff win in 20YRs). MANAGEMENT IS HIRED BY THE OWNER- 20YRS! BLAME THE OWNER.. SHEEP ? FANS. FIRE JAMES DOLAN
      Keep the conversation going @ our Cannabis and Social Community

    • Wutterya Dewin says:

      The NBA decides who gets the first pick. The Lottery is a lie. Ewing to Ny, Shaq to the Magic, D Rose to the Bulls, LeBron to the Cavs, you think those were accidents/Luck? NY or Chi will get Zion guarenteed

  12. ZaddyOc & Mohamedissavage says:

    Luka Doncic
    Kristaps Porzingus

    But what does it matter, they play in the West 🙁

    • jerome brooks says:

      +PunchFor Pound lol you’re hilarious truly, a better 1-2 then curry n KD ???? or curry and Klay ??

    • PunchFor Pound says:

      +jerome brooks I mean, Westbrook and KD almost beat Curry and Klay. Im not saying Doncic and Porzingus will go down as better ATG players, but it’s about matchups. The Warriors killed teams for years with their superior length, and skill. Well Porzingus and Doncic are almost as skilled as the Warriors superstars, but with far, far superior length outside of KD, who will be gone in the summer or so Stephen A Smith and many “insiders” been saying. Doncic and Porzingus is as dangerous a combination as we’ve seen, in terms of two players, in awhile. Maybe not better than the Warriors, but on par. They can shoot, they are skilled, they are huge. They have basically everything. That’s all I meant. Only more dangerous combo I can think of would be Lebron and AD, for the same reason. Hell, Lebron almost singhandedly gave the Warriors problems. How come? Not because he is more skilled than Curry and KD, but because he’s almost as skilled, but with way more length (than Curry) and way more strength (than KD). Im just applying to the same concept to Porzingus and Doncic. In the same skill BALLPARK as Steph and Klay (less than Steph, more than Klay, so it evens out), but on average, WAY more size and physicality. So if that worked for Lebron vs the splash bros, if it worked for KD and Westbrook vs the splash bros (Warriors were bailed out by AMAZING shooting performance by Klay, and KD going cold in the 4th for KC, but they were being outplayed outside of that) why wouldnt it work for Doncic and Porzingus as well? Warriors are amazing but not invincible. Assemble a team with comparable talent to them, but more athleticism, or with comparable athleticism, but more talent, and the Warriors will lose. They are only the best because they have the best talent. Put together a team with better talent, and that will be the new “Warriors,” and they will beat the current Warriors. There is no mythology to it, it’s about talent. And I am saying Doncic and Porzingus have slightly less talent than Curry and KD, as much or more than Klay, but they are bigger longer and stronger than Curry (vs Doncic I mean) and Klay (compared to Porzingus I mean), so why can’t they win, at least those matchups? Are you really arguing that Porzingus at his best cant be a better player than Klay? That Doncic at his best cant be a great point guard, and maybe not better than Steph over the whole season, but 1 on 1 in a 7 game series, a 6’7 bulky guy guarding a 6’3 less strong guy, that the 6’7 guy, who is also a top 5 pick and super talented, can’t match or outplay the 6’3 guy? Draymond is declining and overrated, KD will leave they say, so all Dallas has to do is match 3-5 on the Warriors roster, which shouldn’t be hard (Boogie also leaving supposedly, but his feet look in cement so far, no speed no hops no explosiveness), and the bench, which will be hard but not impossible, and Vegas would probably start favoring them.

      It’s about who has more talent. And starting off with Doncic and Porzingus is about as good a start as you can get, outside of Lebron and AD.

    • Ray Ty says:

      Exactly that’s enough to get to 7 or 8 and a first round exit! Greatest lol

    • N3GAT1VE ned says:

      ZaddyOc & Mohamedissavage u saw what luka did to the LeBron lakers….next yr we a lock…we gone get Marc gasol

    • PunchFor Pound says:

      +N3GAT1VE ned That would be scary. I just found out Porzingus is injured this year though? So if he’s not 100% anymore then I take back my comment. I am sort of a casual NBA fan and I only remember Porzingus from like his dominant sophomore season or whatever it was, when Phil Jackson was still with the Knicks. If he’s regressed since then then I take it back. But if he’s still the same, then casual fan or not, I think I made a good point.

  13. Milos Kovac says:

    The NBA s biggest market shouldnt be a joke year after year.

  14. xyz says:

    Ramona has a 3’2 wingspan

  15. Mr SS says:

    DJ get passed around like a neighborhood freak

  16. Omowàle Zaquir says:

    So Dallas got Dirk… Dirk 2.0… and Dirk 2.5??? ?

    How they get all the Dirk’s?

    And Tim Hardaway 2.0!!!

  17. UndeadSunset says:

    Damn DeAndre did the Mavs dirty and the Mavs return the favor

    • deadmansfire says:

      +JJDPRO MEDIAPRODUCTION DeAndre plays for his last big contract this year, stat padding his way in Dallas, and now he is tradet to the Knicks,who will likely buy him out, and then he’ll go to a contender as a back-up probably and lower his chances in free agency

    • Vejs Cvetkovski says:

      +JJDPRO MEDIAPRODUCTION Fresh start? Ligga’s 40?

    • akeem alston says:

      UndeadSunset that’s why Players who Gardner the right to sign 2 and 1 deals. Keep the control in your hands.

    • Vincent Valdez says:

      Yeah, I remember that he was free agents and saying sweet nothings. Mavs got baited and switched by that man. Mavs traded his ass for the PorzingGod

    • Saul Goodman says:

      I remember the deal is done already then he flipped on the Mavs and then when Cuban heard about it he went to Jordan’s place then Jordan hide from him. Cuban got his revenge.

  18. Rossdaboss Sports says:

    Mavs starting lineup gonna be nasty:
    Burke, Hardaway JR, Luka, Barnes, Porzingis

  19. D.Maintain says:

    Dalla created a monster team People forgot about they secret weapon Kosta Antetokounmpo thats if he live up to his brothers hype

  20. KobeS4 says:

    I give knicks fans permission to become either a mavs or nets fan

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