Know It All with Blake Lively

Know It All with Blake Lively

Jimmy and Blake Lively face off in a game of knowledge and deception to see who can name more things in different categories before time runs out.

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Know It All with Blake Lively

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20 Responses

  1. Steve27775 says:

    I know that Hedwig was an owl and I’ve never read any of the books or seen
    the movies. Just absorbed it by cultural osmosis or something.

  2. Oscar Ruelas says:

    Jimmy Fallon cheated in the Spanish round he didn’t say anything and
    pressed his button.

  3. _Burakogaming _ says:

    Mauro RANALLO

  4. Matthew Jacobs says:

    is blake lively pregnant?

  5. Heisenberg says:

    Is she pregnant or just fat?
    cause I’d bang her either way ?

  6. Sarah Freer says:

    is this going to be baby no.3? boy are they reynolds family working hard :P

  7. Kagome Higurashi says:

    Deadpool + Lively = Livepool??

  8. İdil Yazak says:


  9. Simul8 says:

    she’s beautiful!

  10. Phil Whitesell says:

    ryan,you lucky dog!! she’s a doll

  11. Simran Bhimani says:

    Harry Potter is life

  12. Julia Reutelhuber says:

    I could have done Harry Potter and Disney

  13. Marcio Couto says:

    0:44 Lucky her that it was with Higgins.

  14. Appellation Sobriquet says:

    Why even censor if they didn’t bother to censor the first ‘shit’ she said
    at 6:54!

  15. Swailem95 says:

    0:45 reminds me of Bill Clinton

  16. Grace Tildsley says:

    Is she pregnant again or just baby fat ?

  17. its a me madeline says:

    I like it how in the end they didn’t censor Blake saying “Shit!” and then
    censored it after “He said shit!”

  18. Michael Westen says:

    Ironically neither of them said the words: WORD or FOUR, which both would
    have counted.

  19. Carli Hawkins says:

    They missed a beep at 6:56 ?

  20. Lee-Roy Day says:

    They missed bleeping a shit by Blake at the end