Kobe Bryant is ruining the Lakers – Max Kellerman | First Take

Kobe Bryant is ruining the Lakers – Max Kellerman | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, Jalen Rose and Mike Greenberg weigh in on Kobe Bryant’s continuing influence on the Los Angeles Lakers during retirement. Max claims the Lakers are still feeling negative effects from Kobe’s 2-year, $48.5 million deal he signed at the age of 36 and adds that Kobe’s close relationship with Jeanie Buss may have influenced the hiring of GM Rob Pelinka.

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35 Responses

  1. Joshua Hunter says:

    i need this same energy from the comment section in the segment about lebron running the lakers

  2. Black Panther says:

    Is Max Kellerman trolling? Or is he being real here??

  3. Anon ymous says:

    First interesting piece of new I’ve heard in YEAAARRRSSSSSSSSSSS and everyone missed it.

  4. Ty Dembele says:

    Mike is a great moderator but I prefer him as an analyst like he was on mike and mike. Make him work double time to replace Molly tho

  5. Creatorxejay Benson Jr says:

    Wtf is he talking about ???‍♂️

  6. David J says:

    Jalen got a migraine over that rant. ??‍♂️

  7. Carl Inq says:

    In this segment, max is irritatingly defensive.

  8. MondoManDevout says:

    That is absolutely crazy about Max and Mike

  9. Tony Liu says:

    The boss wanted to give him a rise and Max said noooooo…. because this ruined the organization. WTF is he talking about? Pure topic-maker~

  10. Pranav Swami says:

    Max Kellerman must be fired from ESPN.

  11. Sin City Never Sleeps says:

    Score 81 points in a modern game then tell me your better than KB24

    • yo momma's toilet says:

      +Andrew Goldin Devin Booker scored 70 and got blown out. Kobe scored 81 when his second best player was Lamar Odom, and still won.

    • yo momma's toilet says:

      +Andrew Goldin Oh, and the Lakers actually made the playoffs that year. Kobe, with Odom and Smush fucking Parker, took the number 1 seed to 7 games.

    • Andrew Goldin says:

      yo momma’s toilet wow what an amazing feat to win a regular season game despite having Lamar Odom. Lamar played on my Heat and was the best player on that team and they finished with the same record that year as the 06 lakers. They also got out the first round.

    • yo momma's toilet says:

      +Andrew Goldin You’re an actual dumbfuck. Kobe lead the Lakers to 45-37 in 06, in the WEST. With Odom, the Heat went 42-40, and still finished #4. That shows you how garbage the East was. They played a 41-41 team in the playoffs; no shit they advanced you dumbass. Ya’ll couldn’t even make it past 6 games against Indy. Meanwhile, Kobe played a 54-win Suns team with Nash and Amare, and still took them to 7 games. Use your head, idiot.

    • Andrew Goldin says:

      yo momma’s toilet wow you’re really smart. You corrected my 71 points to 70, and then you corrected the 05-06 record when I had cited the 06-07 one. 1 point and 3 more wins totally changes everything. You can have those little victories but I win the original argument.

  12. Druovanni Defoe says:

    ESPN wants so bad for this Franchise to succeed…????

  13. jay flxckoo says:

    Max pissed me off soon the video came on wtf is he talking about

    • LeVelle Coley says:

      Kobe not responsible for hiring magic and promoting Rob. drafting ball, ingram and kuzma, Kobe deserved all his money for being dedicated and the sales. Max needs to be suspended.

    • Drew Down214 says:

      He telling the truth tho. L.A made that big baby tho

    • Aes Sedai says:

      typical kobe fans not lakers fans

    • LeVelle Coley says:

      Aes Sedai don’t have to be Kobe fan to understand common sense. How does a retired player ruin a team?? That’s 3 years of cap space. Kobe can suggest all the ideas but doesn’t mean the front office has to listen.

  14. Billy Zaracla says:

    Ryan Hollins-I’m the dumbest man on tv

    Nick Wright-nope that would be me

    Max-hold my beer

  15. HemanParkFilms says:

    Max is the worst. The Lakers have max money to get players. The inability to get players has nothing to do with Kobe.

  16. Bhargav Niladhur says:

    The playoffs are going on but we still hating on Kobe huh

  17. MrMessyb says:

    Jalen speaking facts. Max just a Kobe hater point blank and period!

  18. chito glen Deslate says:

    Whats wrong with rewarding a player for his loyalty to the franchise

  19. Rayshon Jones says:

    Kobe was leading the league in scoring when he tore his Achilles Max just be saying anything him & Nick Wright’s hate for Kobe is hilarious

  20. Dustin Clark says:

    I feel like Max is not qualified to be on this show… Go back to boxing.

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