Kobe Bryant – Oscars 2018 – Best Animated Short – Full Backstage Speech

Kobe Bryant – Oscars 2018 – Best Animated Short – Full Backstage Speech

Kobe Bryant – Best Animated Short – Oscars 2018 – Full Backstage Speech

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49 Responses

  1. The human Bear says:

    Congrats Kobe!!!!

  2. Daniel Louis says:

    Salute to Kobe Bean Bryant.

  3. J S says:

    2:00 He’s right about writing.

  4. ohhh yeahhh says:

    That man got cheated out of so many rings/mvps in his nba career, this proves how much he loved basketball and never cheated the game. Just because of a rape case the nba destroyed his last chip years. Top 2 greatest players to play this game. NBA screwed up giving lebron the golden kid title. This man just opened up a new door for athletes to be future producers/directors. He belongs in the #1 top tiers of iconic athletes in the world. He is next to ali/jordan/phelps/serena.

    • Thelegend27 says:

      2nd best player of all time imo, anyone that thinks otherwise doesn’t know how great Kobe truly is and how I doubt we will see another player like him in a long time

    • Duair says:

      not disputing anyones greatness nor their drive but they absolutely did not fuck up giving lebron the golden kid title. that shit was thrust on him by the fans as well as the nba. His efforts and voice regarding social and political issues has been extremely prominent and continues to be. Kobe is that model for hard work and determination no matter what the field. Lebron is that voice for social activism

    • Craig Gagnon says:

      ” Just because of a rape case”. nice

    • mikemoair says:

      was he entitled to them?

    • oldnbaschool says:

      Strong Comment.

  5. XmoneyGirlsCandy says:

    This boy went from winning NBA championship to winning Oscar. Kobe Bryant the actor hmm🤔🤔!!

  6. Samuel Rowe says:

    “I feel better than winning a championship” Bullshit lol. Anyway congratulations to the Mamba

    • Dariel Alvarez says:

      Samuel Rowe I think he was being honest, He knew he was going to wing basketball games and championships, Winning and Oscar has never been done by an athlete and that’s really out of his comfort zone I think is a better sense of accomplishment

    • Hi Yes says:

      Samuel Rowe that shit hurt me lol. He never comin back to the game😭

    • 83kevster says:

      TruthTellerTV MJ acts where is his oscar?

  7. Giovanni Gonzalez says:

    King Kobe #🐍🐍🐍
    I doubt lebron is going to win an Oscar !!!!!!!

  8. Esmael John Ramos says:

    Wow. He already wrote 5 nobles? GOAT!

  9. FUNJECTION says:

    Kobe really looking like a kid on christmas

  10. BishopWHO BETTA says:

    Really see the hate from this demographic of people that are associated and watch this this part of the entertainment industry. Closet racists it seems. I don’t see colour i see greatness. I hear wisdom . People are so half empty. Always hating . Live your own life, the negativity just makes you look sour and weak. Strengthen your mental. Be open minded and willing to learn. Thats the difference between people. Know it alls at the age of 30-40 and people who are willing to learn forever. I love hearing from someone who’s mastered something that they know they have to be students and learn when trying something else. But people who haven’t mastered anything, hate their job and feel stuck “ know it all” and have such strong beliefs without knowing a damn thing

  11. Radu Blanc says:

    Reason I play basketball is because of kobe besides Jordan he’s the second best sorry lebron no disrespect but kobe study and loved the game and now a Oscar?👌

  12. ZSPN says:

    Congratulations to my favorite NBA Legend and Laker of all time Kobe Bryant for winning the Oscar, RESPECT THE GOAT

  13. L Paul says:

    Poor lil dude who won the Oscar w my boy Kobe… no one’s asking him a thing

  14. OMEGA NIG says:

    Kobe wins at everything

  15. Timeless Teasers says:


  16. No_Diggity_No_Doubt says:

    Kobe got robbed an MVP in 06. He should’ve been a 2 time MVP. Winning an Oscar replaces that lol. Congrats Mamba!! Forever the G.O.A.T!

    • DM 100 says:

      Not just 06 but 04, 05, and 07. He could’ve been a 5 time NBA MVP

    • Glacius says:

      The Oscar lost most of its mystique over the past 7 years or so. They been giving that shit out like its halloween candy. There is no fucking way that winning an Oscar for a silly animated short film will EVER make up for those MVP titles that Kobe was robbed of. Athletes work and train so damn hard to achieve greatness and so much of what they do depends on being 100% physically at all times. Because of this, the window of opportunity is very small and gets smaller with each passing year. A 90 year old man can win an Oscar but you will never see someone over the age of 35 win an MVP in any sport.

  17. EZ BOO says:


  18. jenna thesingingdraghagdiva says:

    I am so proud of him! He seriously deserves every good thing that happens to him!

    • YouTuber says:

      She willingly dropped her pants and bent over the couch. She took a hard pounding and cried rape when he wanted nothing to do with her 10 minutes later. She walked out with a damaged ass, no money, and no relationship.

    • Glacius says:


  19. ULTRA KWON says:

    5 Rings + 1 Oscar > 6 Rings
    Kobe GOAT

  20. step says:

    That’s a great role model right there!

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