Kobe Bryant Surprises NCAA Champ Arike Ogunbowale

Kobe Bryant Surprises NCAA Champ Arike Ogunbowale

Notre Dame junior guard Arike Ogunbowale got a Twitter pep talk from Kobe Bryant during the NCAA Championships, and Ellen surprised the college basketball star with a visit from her basketball idol.

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30 Responses

  1. Margaret Spirer says:

    You made my day so much.

  2. Tolu Olaleye says:

    Nice Arike.. proud of yah!

  3. Shanice Joseph says:

    She was tryna keep her cool so bad lol

  4. First Run says:

    Kobe is gorgeous..

  5. K J says:

    Sooo Arike got to meet and play basketball with Kobe Bryant, Ellen, and Ice Cube. Plus she got a signed jersey from her basketball idol for her and her dog!!! Talk about a HOOP DREAM!!!

  6. Siobhan Gill says:

    Ellen, you are such a beautiful person and the way you honor and respect people is beyond what this world deserves. I had 3 women idols growing up, and have had 4 now my entire life. When I was way young, I wanted to be just like Princess Diana, with her grace and class, her heart and charity. And then I was introduced to your comedy, your sitcom, that fateful night that you came out on national tv, your talk show. You have always been a constant in my life when I am not fully used to that. So thank you. My other two idols were/are Dian Fossey, “Gorillas In the Mist” was my favorite book as a child, I carried it everywhere. (Another reason I adore you is because of our shared love for animals, I am that girl that cries at roadkill). And of course, most women these days would most definitely put Michelle Obama on their list, her elegance, intelligence, and class is amazing. So once again Ellen, thank you for another day of smiles, love and laughter to help chase the demons of PTSD away. Be kind to one another!

  7. JustNel says:

    I’m jealous.

  8. Chrysanthemum Scorpio says:

    I have yet to follow college basketball games, but i am soo happy for her, and proud too. Congratulations gurrll. Many more blessings. I’m star struck for her; KOBE. Her dog is soo cute too. 2 Buzzer beating wins, just woow.

  9. Adabet Solorio says:

    Ellen you are too dope

  10. justice carter says:

    @theellenshow PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, have more interviews with women’s basketball athletes. Both the NCAA and especially the WNBA athletes. These women are amazing. They are doing great things on the court, for the game, but also in their communities. I think there’s a lot of great stories to be told with them. You also have the GOAT living in your backyard of Los Angeles, in the Diana Taurasi. You also have the Sparks who have made amazing Finals runs in the last couple seasons of the WNBA. I would love to see more talk about the college side of things. Like Arike hitting the big shot. Geno Auriemma and his program. So many great interviews that could be had. Thank you for having Arike on!!!

    • SeoulTeamworkGaming says:

      For whatever reason, on a christmas years ago, we attended the same church mass together. Basketball is huge in CT, specifically women’s cause of UCONN. The craziest thing is no one bothered her after the mass, like no asking for pictures or autographs or anything.

    • justice carter says:

      If it’s trash then why are the greatest players in the NBA watching it? And first of all, ratings are not trash, they’ve been better than they’ve ever been. Attendance has been up. Why do men like you feel like you have to perpetuate some sexist stereotype about a sport you know nothing about and don’t even watch? If you don’t like the W then fine, don’t watch it. No one’s forcing you to. But why do you have to tear it down? Is it because you’re so insecure about the fact that there are women in the world who are better than you at a sport? Are you that sexist and misogynistic to believe you are somehow so superior to women? Or are you just a miserable a-hole that likes to spread his negativity and piss all over everything that others find joy in? Which is it? Because this is exactly why Ellen and others need to interview these players, to get beyond this garbage stigma that women’s basketball is terrible or has zero parity, or isn’t worth watching. Or is somehow garbage compared to the men’s game. Why can’t we enjoy both? Why do we even have to compare? Because what I find interesting is how people love to say those things, yet Arike Ogunbowale hit two buzzer beaters and won the national championship. She’s on the cover of Sports Illustrated. She’s been all over ESPN. And now she’s on Ellen. I don’t recall Kobe at the mens finals. Or tweeting Villanova about their championship. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow but you’ll just have to get used to living in a world where women play basketball and it’s not going ANYWHERE. And secondly, don’t call me babe. We’re not in a relationship. Only real men can appreciate the game for how its played, regardless of who’s playing.

    • namdor notlad says:

      justice carter did you just write a novel because he stated some facts ? People want to watch the best. That is why men’s sports are better. Stating that barely anyone watches womens bball is true. It might suck to hear but womens sports are the suckier alternative to men’s. The worst NBA team would dominate the best womens team. It isn’t sexist to state facts.

    • King Darious says:

      justice carter You make some good and valid points. The only time I take issue is when people argue WNBA players should make the same amount money as NBA players. Should they be paid more? Yes I find it sad that most WNBA players have to play overseas to make a living. Should they be paid equal to NBA players? I’m sorry but the answer is hell no. As far as Diana being the GOAT, I guess she is for the time being. Once it’s all said and done I believe Maya Moore, or Candace Parker (I am a Sparks fan) will have that title.

    • Teddy says:

      justice carter no need to write a paragraph

  11. piqueq8y says:

    kobe’s arm is bigger than my head

  12. Abaku Grace says:

    Nigerians representing holla!!

  13. Maverick ggg says:

    I see kobe in the thumbnail, I click

  14. nickolas amarta says:

    Dude Kobe lowkey been working out look at those arms

  15. WhatYouMeanNo says:

    Kobe lookin big damn lol he stocked up after he retired

  16. Kimberly K says:

    He is so nice bringin her gifts like that

  17. Noah trog says:

    Thank you for supporting women’s basketball!

  18. MsTopacJay says:


  19. Austin Dave says:

    Am happy she Nigerian!!!

  20. Tyji Brown says:

    Kobe arms look bigger now than when he played 🤣🤣🤣

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