Kobe Bryant & Tracy McGrady Interview Part 2: Why Kobe wishes T-Mac had been his teammate | The Jump

Kobe Bryant & Tracy McGrady Interview Part 2: Why Kobe wishes T-Mac had been his teammate | The Jump

Tracy McGrady and Kobe Bryant sit down with Rachel Nichols of The Jump for an exclusive interview, describing a game between the Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Lakers in 2002-03 and an elbow Kobe put into T-Mac’s back, how Kobe wishes McGrady would have been his teammate, their thoughts on James Harden’s play with the Houston Rockets, their takes on Anthony Davis wanting a trade from the New Orleans Pelicans, LeBron James’ groin injury and how it relates to Kobe’s Achilles, and whether they would return to the NBA.

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103 Responses

  1. Hassan Haulcy says:

    They would’ve been an unstoppable duo bruh.

  2. Hassan Haulcy says:

    2 of the deadliest scorers on the same team man…. they would’ve won at least 5 or 6 rings together

  3. Iceman GG says:

    That would’ve been a Top 5 all time duo I believe

    • Swaveyntn says:

      Time to try it out in 2k. XD

    • Lexicon Prime says:

      I seriously think they would have been better than Mike and Pippen. And I’m a bulls diehard. Playing with each other would have extended both of their careers

    • Aftab Ali says:

      +Lexicon Prime Stupidest thing I ever heard. Tmac was not a good defender and Scottie Pippen is arguably one of the best defenders of all time. Tmac and Kobe were not efficient, those Spurs teams would have killed them.

    • Lexicon Prime says:

      +Aftab Ali dude just chill, we dont know how they would have been. The only reason they were not as efficient is because A. Jordan is the Goat. And B. Defenses were smothering back then. Today TMAC and Kobe in their primes would avg 48% not 44. But yes I did go overboard slightly I know how great Pippen was. I still think they would have been a top 5 duo. At least top 10.

    • Mikaél Rence says:

      Aftab Ali Jordan never played zone defense in his career. And the mid 2000s were the toughest era to score in. Don’t even get started with today’s era 34 year old Kobe averaged 27ppg 6rpg 6apg while shooting 46% during the 2012-2013. It’s crazy how they even compare Kobe’s ‘06 FT attempts to Harden’s, since it’s a two different worlds.

  4. LA Clippers says:

    TMac could’ve been better than MJ or Kobe since he was 2 inches taller and had unlimited range. It’s the injuries that cost him being a Top 5 great.

  5. leGoat is the best player ever of all timer. says:

    T mac × Kobe
    That’s 4 ring atleast

  6. MMVXII says:

    Kobe and Tracy would be one of the most athletic duos ?‍♂️??

  7. Alec Louison says:

    love their dynamic. what I love about Kobe is even though he respected all these guys, he never showed it until after he retired. On the court he wanted to kill everyone on the other team. Truly a great competitor.

    • Robert Jayson Oliveros says:

      +OfficialRelyseMusic Preach

    • Juwan Anderson says:

      Alec Louison MEGA FACTS … I recognized that too…

    • Andres Noyola says:

      +OfficialRelyseMusic amen

    • Ahmad2423 says:

      MJ taught him that and then he transformed it into the#MAMBAMENTALITY

    • sheldonxp says:

      +ryen mcdonald So you say as long as you don’t win a championship you’re a loser…then go on and talk about sweeps and choke jobs. Why do those things matter if everyone who doesn’t win the title is a loser? And talking about choke jobs, so when Lakers lost to Pistons that wasn’t as bad as Heat losing to Mavs? Where did you get the idea LeBron had more talent on his teams during his career anyway. Look at the rosters he had his first 7 years on the Cavs.

  8. ParampamIm says:

    it looks like kobe still plays, in comparison to shaq

    • Jamon Jarman says:

      I saw Shaq in person recently. I can personally tell you he didn’t look like he’s been slacking on the gym. #dadiesel

    • Mike Xiao Long French says:

      TheIGGod Shaq got fat way before he retired

    • Kyle Elpel says:

      Are you kidding me? Shaq? That guy looks like he can easily bench press well over 400 pounds right now. He is a beast at 46, easily one of the biggest human beings on the planet.

    • Arnay Murray says:

      +Mike Xiao Long French did you see him on the sun’s or the Celtics. Its like on the incredible when Edna mode says”my god you’ve gotten fat “

    • Novembers Finest says:

      TheIGGod but when he retired he let himself go… well he did that before he retired

  9. Samuel Gonzalez says:

    Kobe Bryant interviews are always worth watching.

    • Tyler B. says:

      You could honestly listen to Kobe talk basketball ALL DAY. Simply brilliant & beyond eloquent. It’s beyond me how people never mention him in the list of the greatest minds to ever play the game. He’s probably watched and studied more tape than any player in the history of this league.

  10. King Dang says:

    Man imagine Kobe and Tracey on one team. The nba would be in serious trouble. Two of the greatest scorers of all time

  11. Kevin says:

    Two living legends. Good people they are

  12. NLMB GBE OTF says:

    This is Legendary I can watch them talk basketball all day

  13. IsKo BaB says:

    This video will be one of the most popular video of all time about basketball

    • MII says:

      So it’s ok to fans when it’s comes to Kobe are Michael wishing playing with a super star, they get love . But when it comes to Lebron wishing, he gets the hate. Dam.!!! .

    • Anterio Stokes says:

      MII this is post basketball career don’t make yourself look like a goofy bro

  14. mikless 94 says:

    Can we have 400 hours of this interview please?

  15. Layzee Nguyen says:

    I want to see an interview with Kobe and A.I. next!!!

  16. Trav M says:

    I’m like a kid again, 13 year old me is watching this interview.

  17. Cecil Raynor says:

    who would ever thought tmac and kobe would ever be doing a interview together……..this some legendary shit.

  18. InitialXG says:

    Kobe knows VC is the dunking goat. I’ve never seen Kobe not be competitive except in this video lol

  19. Georgi Radnev says:

    I miss those days with all of my heart. Talent was spread all over the league ; Kobe, TMAC , VINCE , AI, Pierce, RAY , Corey , KG , Tim , Dwade , Lebron etc. etc. Nowadays everybody want to play together. You have around 15-20 teams that are unwatchable / absolutely horrible. Only 4-5 teams are decent and you know who will win in October. I really miss the old days

  20. TheIGGod says:

    I remember Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady, and Kobe Bryant putting on a show every night back in the day! ????

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