Kobe Bryant’s Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Speech

Kobe Bryant’s Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Speech

Vanessa Bryant delivers a speech on behalf of Kobe Bryant upon their being enshrined to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2020.

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45 Responses

  1. Famoux Poofy says:

    R.I.P. mamba never forgotten

  2. Cedric R says:

    Kobe got his wish to bring his father Jelly Bean in this ceremony after all the problems they had the past few yearsb

    • Caroline sally says:

      @Tay215 Philly the final outcome is here, karma never misses the address with such, continue waiting for the reasons. The truth is out there for everyone to see now.l watched almost all his interviews and many many others it’s part of my daily job. Sorry but some things you just don’t get away with. and age gracefully, enjoy your retirement, raise your sons and daughters, hell nope!!! The gods are not happy .

    • Bad Gyal VeVe says:

      @L.C B His parents didn’t treat him wrong if it weren’t for them Kobe would’ve never existed. His parents put him in basketball programs as a kid and his father taught him the game.

      Stop bringing up negativity. Kobe is gone and so is Gianna focus on the positive his parents lost their youngest child and only son.

    • Theazy Hunnit says:

      @Caroline sally you are a clown my friend .

    • Angela Phillips says:

      @L.C B You sound like you knew his parents personally. You don’t know a damn thing.

    • Angela Phillips says:

      @L.C B Ignorant.

  3. loyalman692ndaccount says:

    Welcome to immortality to my favorite laker r.i.p. raiderrob

  4. Alfredo Galvez says:

    I watched Kobe his entire pro career. Lots of ups and downs. But those highs were the highest of the highs. Mamba forever. RIP

  5. JoJo Boxeo says:

    “After all he proved you wrong” Mamba Mentality.

  6. Northeast710 says:

    Diehard Celtics fan I loved everything about him. It’s hard not to appreciate greatness!!

  7. Ludi says:

    “May you always enjoy the road, especially if it is a hard one.” ~ Kobe Bean Bryant. Rest in Peace brother!

  8. Fantasy23Legend says:

    Vanessa was so incredibly strong up there. I know how hard it is to talk about someone who has passed.

  9. Quincy says:

    Damn man you can look at her eyes and see how the toll of Kobe and GiGi’s passing impacted her. Their passing is the biggest travesty in sports history. God bless her and her family.

    • Umn Mag says:

      Well said it is still unbelievable- the only thing that kind of made things covered up was Covid -19 mask and regulations happening shortly after

    • Расскажу says:

      Yes she has no spark in her eyes 😐 she is in a deep grief

    • YO DADDY says:

      Yes. Idk if you have any kids. But could you imagine how hard it would be losing your baby and your husband or wife.?
      I couldn’t imagine

    • Dan says:

      @Anthony Kight I would put Pete Maravich on that list. He died when he was only 41

    • Madskillphil says:

      Is put Clemente up there. He was on a flight to feed and clothe kids. Pretty fucked up.

  10. Mason Nash says:

    This brought me to tears multiple times. I recently ruptured my Achilles on the ball court as well and went down immediately and haven’t taken a step since. This man shot and made 2 game capturing free throws and walked himself off the court. What a fucking warrior. Rest easy Kobe.

    • Mario’s Headset says:

      @Arctic Wanderer keep hating buddy, he’s working while ur on yt hating on people u don’t know

    • Arctic Wanderer says:

      @Mario’s Headset just a banter dude. lighten up.

    • Justin Gonzalez says:

      Y’all getting these injuries playing bball at the park 😂😂 neither of you was ever gonna make it to the league

    • Aaron Daneils says:

      I’ve seen better warriors than that that’s amazing but I’ve seen/heard better

    • Mason Nash says:

      @Aaron Daneils I boxed amateur and my father boxed pro. I’ve seen crazier shit too still doesn’t change the fact he did it and that there was no need for you to mention this. Arturo Gatti broke his right hand mid fight and continued to box and even kept throwing that broken hand multiple times. Vinny paz broke his neck in a car accident and wasn’t supposed to walk again and was literally doing weights with a halo in his skull and returned to the sport of boxing to fight Roy Jones Jr. there’s crazier things what’s your point? This was about Kobe Bryant.

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