Kodak Black – 300 Blackout [Official Music Video]

Kodak Black – 300 Blackout [Official Music Video]

Kodak Black – 300 Blackout
‘Kutthroat Bill Vol. 1’ OUT NOW!
Stream/Download: https://Kodak.lnk.to/KutthroatBillVol1

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22 Responses

  1. FloridaMadeMG says:


  2. Jessup Owens says:

    Man it’s crazy how yak is still slept on. Listen to bros lyrics. Definitely beyond his youth, one of the only rappers who can switch his flows and still step on shit. Been listening to him for 9 years now and he evolves every song ‼️ much love yak you’re definitely the goat 🐐‼️‼️

  3. DLT says:

    The thing that makes kodak different is that he can change his style and tempo from song to song. He’s totally different style and tempo on this song compared to mopstick. Kodak is in his prime now. Like he mastered the game and it’s impossible for him to drop any garbage

  4. Green Man Binkie says:

    This Man’s Flow Is So Rare Like The Way His Style Has Switched Over The Years Is Truly Amazing, People Need To Wake Up And Start Giving Him The Recognition He Deserves, 🔥👌🏾💯

  5. TheDonM says:

    I’m happy to see how far Kodak came & he being versatile asf

  6. Nate420 says:

    *Drops new audio*
    10 Hours Later…
    Kodak: Fuck it drop the music video! 🔥

  7. hushcrew says:

    This gunna blow up real quick ❤

  8. Twin'em 365 says:

    The boy is on another level ever since he signed the new record label, with a new energy , as fan we love the new kodak.🖤

  9. Sonia Deveau says:

    Kodak Black so hard on this, never disappointed. he is not like other rappers who are going viral by using *authentic views* to get the views up. Thumbs up who agree

  10. RV says:

    I used to be a fan, but after hearing this masterpiece, I’m a whole air conditioner🔥

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