Kodak Black – Expeditiously [Official Music Video]

Kodak Black – Expeditiously [Official Music Video]

#Kodakblack #Expeditiously
Kodak Black – Expeditiously
Shot by: @noreggie_

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75 Responses

  1. Grooovy Tg says:

    This how much money Kodak gonna give you


  2. Chinkere Anderson says:

    I’m sorry y’all can call this man what yall want but he is very creative and brilliant.

  3. Patrick Guerrier says:

    No excuses I’m from NJ and i understand every single word he says #niggasgonnahate

  4. Patrick Guerrier says:

    The kid against the world…everything he says or do go platinum period ?

  5. Nick Miller says:

    He spitting that real ??‍♂️?

  6. Nge M says:

    That boi say he wants all the smoke!! I’m feelin this track thou!

  7. BUJU CAPP! says:

    I can’t beat you nicca @ talking ?..gimme a long sentence???

  8. Breez 2 insane says:

    Brutal youngen keep stepping on their neck KB.. ??Flawda sht! Glee ??

    • Michael Charles says:

      Any black man no matter what his situation I would never try to down them or be trynna point out any any of his flaws when we both know that nobody is perfect we all have our moments but instead everybody wanna be the judge prosecutor & the executioner to this man situation

    • John Frederick says:

      M C fuck you doing on his music video then? hadda come through just to disrespect ???‍♂️

    • great vengeance says:

      Weak as fuck! Put that nigga in the handicap section!!! TEXAS HOMEBOI!!

    • Mckever Lewis says:

      You would put (flaw) in my state’s name? Think about how you spell that shit my nigga. Fucking tourist.

    • Robert Gaines says:

      +M C that’s why you hiding on YouTube talking shit….you not coming to Florida talking that shit…STFU COWARD IM FROM DAYTONA BEACH,FL …. WHERE YOU FROM????

  9. Pulse Heltic says:

    Wow, he made an actual for it, ? ?. I thought this was a fan made video ?

  10. DivineTheCrusader says:

    Kodak better chill before Tip drop another Tip to crime stoppers???

  11. Deon Harris says:

    Damn Kodak ain’t playing he made the video of his diss song ???

  12. CarbolicSoap says:

    My neighbors called the police because I was playing this song way too loud.
    They arrested my neighbors.

  13. Rashawn Jones says:

    “Mute me when I voice my opinion ??‍♂️ I didn’t even know it mattered” ??

    • Marsha Finesse Eating Good says:

      Like #56 literally as he said this line in the song your comment was the next one in the scroll ? lol it was as if I was reading the lyrics.

    • LONG LIVE QUONO says:

      Rashawn Jones didn’t know

    • Dante Gilbert says:

      What was fiya about the line 2 u

    • Jaylon Jackson says:

      +Dante Gilbert He’s saying he feels like the media and other outlets depict him as such an ignorant, nonsensical individual that he doesn’t know why his comments got so much blow back in the first place. Since he’s so dumb, (in the media’s eyes) why does what he say even matters? It’s a hard line because he’s being a little introspective and he’s showing his vulnerability, because he’s letting us know he pays attention to his image and he’s sensitive to it to a degree.

  14. MrGray2u I jus might be him says:

    Expeditiously, is that the word?
    Tip you betta expeditiously respond..
    Tip you betta expeditiously do something. Cause I think he jus took the gloves off… So good luck, call Gillie, Game, and Tiny. Its studio time patna!!!!!

    Happy 420 cuz!!!!!!

  15. 50levenhunnit says:

    Cops: How fast do you want us to put a charge on Kodak?

    TI: Expeditiously

  16. Z23feet says:


  17. Kerby Edouard says:

    who all clicked expeditiously when they saw kodak had a video out for this now? turn it blue yall. be blessed.

  18. dmoney blockboy D-Bloc says:

    ?This shit right here go STOOPID!! Lil Kodak be spittin tho fr fr! He put a visual behind that joint quic too ?…

  19. Spencer Shipman says:

    i don’t like how he acts but i gotta love his music???

  20. Diamond Fleming says:

    How you tell me what came outta my mouth when you don’t even know nispsey ??‍♀️

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