Kodak Black Ft. Chief Keef – Who Want Smoke Remix [Official Audio]

Kodak Black Ft. Chief Keef – Who Want Smoke Remix [Official Audio]

Kodak Black Ft. Chief Keef – Who Want Smoke [Official Audio]

“Thanks To All My Loyal Fans And Chief Keef’s Loyal Cult Following As Well … Ive Been Working On The Treatment & Wanted To Drop This Video All Together Sometime Next Week But Blame My Skinny Ass Ugly Ass Patch Head Homeboy For Leaking The Dam Song Forcing Me To Release It As It Is Now , We Hope You Enjoy This Z Mix To A Great Song From Your Favorite Yung Niggas #GLODAK”

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33 Responses

  1. Crushroadmusic says:

    they not gonna take kodak black serious until its too late🔥☄👌

    • ymcmb1989js says:

      @ChiliBowlCountry thats his business him doing PCP doesn’t make me do it, is that line supposed to make me dis like the song??? Your panties showing

    • Maurice Robinson says:

      Comment doesn’t matter I’m glad some rappers don’t read comments!!!!!!

    • Maurice Robinson says:

      @ChiliBowlCountry u the definition of a bug u got to be young in your co

    • Theron Green says:

      @johnyGrizzle who said he couldn’t… y’all stop wishing and speaking that negative shit on people y’all don’t know smh folks be at they parents crib on the computer dropping all the “street knowledge” lmao

  2. RapCatchUp says:

    Unexpected Collab this shit is 🔥

  3. Zachary Kellar says:

    I swear Kodak is the only one to get that presidential pardon and go ham for real

  4. Davo Migo says:

    KEEF x YAK 🤯🔥

  5. Davo Migo says:

    This the Chief Keef I came up off 😈🔥 ALMIGHTY SOSA!!!!

  6. Lil 8-Ball says:

    Fun fact: Sosa doesn’t have to roll blunts he looks at them and they roll themselves

  7. I am who you say I am says:

    Dis bih hitn dem mills fashoe

  8. BigHomieBlocks&ZaviaTV says:


  9. IsmokeHiphop Live says:

    florida and chicago always been lit 🔥

  10. IsmokeHiphop Live says:

    “Hit ya block up we don’t hit walmart we hit Targets” 🎯 🔥 💯

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