Kodak Black – Hope You Know [Official Music Video]

Kodak Black – Hope You Know [Official Music Video]

Kodak Black – Hope You Know (Official Music Video)
Shot & Edited By: @999Nakato

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32 Responses

  1. Sacad says:

    No one as good and as real as Kodak out. Been killing it since 15, 10 years later he’s a certified rap legend and he’s just entering his prime. 🐐

  2. Lacs says:

    Damn Kodak. My friend and I would listen to you always when going out for the night in 2015 2016. We were talking about you on Saturday and the memories. He suddenly passed away yesterday at 29 with no warning, then you released this man. Signs everywhere. He would’ve vibed to this. Thank you yak

  3. brian blackwell says:

    I hope Kodak knows how grateful the world is for him and his music

  4. Jessup Owens says:

    It’s really crazy how lyrically and musically talented Kodak is. One of the only rappers today with many many different flows and can really do about any flow. I’m glad this is my goat of my generation. Give this man his flowers now 💐 you deserve them yak

  5. Dick Head says:

    What I love about Kodak is that he truly loves music he’s not just doing it for the $ he’s had a passion for music since he was a child which makes him different from all the other rappers he’s a true artist

  6. Que HeFFner says:

    I still be keeping it real when ain’t nobody looking at me 🗣️💤💯

  7. AuraKami says:

    Kodak never fails to deliver🔥

  8. Sounds From Dream says:

    Great to see Positive rap is getting more popular, Kodak got a good message on this track, relatable 💯

    • IM Him says:

      What’s good I’m a 15 year old rapper 🎶 do I have potential to be on Kodak level of rapping 🔥?

    • TBZO says:

      You choose your own destination .Kodak is human you are also human which means you are capable of this lifestyle too@IM Him.

  9. Spit Fire says:

    Stay healthy Kodak!!! We need you.

  10. Tyler naughtyawni says:

    Hope he knows how much he means for so many different people, different walks of lifes❤

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