Kodak Black – Maui Woop [Official Music Video]

Kodak Black – Maui Woop [Official Music Video]

Kodak Black – Maui Woop Official Music Video
‘Kutthroat Bill: Vol 1’ OUT NOW!

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22 Responses

  1. Young Orange says:

    my music blowing up right now, speaking it into existence 🗣

  2. Da chosen one says:

    This got me feeling like I’m gonna make it fasho and be the best version of myself even tho I don’t believe in me.. but it’s never give up! I felt Kodak fr it was like he was speaking to me, telling us about his life story how they left him in the jungle and he bounced back, made it out the mud, Kodak a real one. Love you forever twin #kodakblack 🤧🥹❤️

  3. How I See It says:

    So proud of kodak for the push he gives the industry💯Always great bars

  4. Wedd Wedd says:

    The kid so talented he change his flow every song 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️👍 that’s simply amazing 😊🤗🇭🇹🇭🇹

  5. Who?????? says:

    One of the greatest artist of his generation when it comes to hip hop

  6. Kenna says:

    Kodak plans his drop strategically and never misses when he does! Great music take time and you can tell Kodak is a very quality focused artist. Me as an underground artist, Kodak is one of my biggest inspirations because of his work ethic and tenacity. Dude is constantly not satisfied and always looking to improve his craft which is one of the most valuable mindsets you can have in this game. It always encourages me to work harder on my own craft and the quality of my music as I learn more. If I keep that mindset, I may be able to blow up someday too!

  7. positive vibez says:

    13 years in the game and still one of the hardest artists in existence. Keep doing your thing Kodak, you continue to lead the game always whether people see it or not. 💯🔥

  8. Johnny piper says:

    Kodak got that flow and every track he lays down is straight 🔥. I could put this on repeat and jus ride the block for hours listing too💯🦍🦍🔊💨💨💨🥶

  9. Devon Stevison says:

    Damn this song just made me sad and happy 😭 Kodak the goat fr can’t explain it the right way. He literally flow on any beat , any flow ;He literally just talked this whole beat speaking his life and it hit me on a upper level . Like soul type sh*t ( No Glazing sh*t , y’all be trolling)

  10. Do Ordye says:

    I’m glad his song really be about his life that make me even like his music way more,, keep dropping these real life storie songs Kodak 💪

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