Kodak Black – Vultures Cry 2 ft. WizDaWizard & Mike Smiff (Official Video)

Kodak Black – Vultures Cry 2 ft. WizDaWizard & Mike Smiff (Official Video)

#Wizdawizard #Mikesmiff #Vulturescry2

Directed By: @Wavylord Visuals
3D VFX: Visuals by Ra3 , Astrovetmonts

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46 Responses

  1. Yung joker 12 says:

    Whats crazy is i just just listened to when vultures cry part 1 earlier no cap 😯 free da Florida goat 😎

  2. Eeddd Sznzzn says:

    “He’s a vulture, he can do anything” line had me dying he just sound so funny

  3. Mc Penetranço says:


  4. Eugenio Jorge says:

    Sniper Gang 🔥🎯Kodak is a real one he take care of his G’s✊🏿✊🏿🔺

  5. RRguawppovilli SMD says:

    “He’s a vulture he can fly” felt that in my soul free yak 💤🦅

  6. Juwuan Collins says:

    “Lil wiz he be kickin doors i call dat boy a wizard”

  7. Kobe Dior says:

    I missed his voice, I can’t wait until he’s home. We really miss you fam. #freekodak 🎯💤🧡

  8. lahatchet says:

    Wiz fireee
    Smiff Say
    Ran down ona op 40 jammed on mee

  9. osama 6 says:

    “I’m dying trying to live i felt that”💤👣

  10. Aimun Hamad says:

    ‘I done been here before and I ain’t going back’😔 Kodak best never go back to the pen free Yak🎯

  11. Drew Jame Jr says:

    Happy Birthday my Dawg”free Kodak”.

  12. Oldgine M says:

    Mike smiff needs more recognition 🔥💯

    • Louisiana Canes says:

      That’s why Kodak black put him on his song so he can help mike smiff get big. Now when everybody watch this video then they are going to start listening to mike smiff alot. ZoesUpHoesDown

  13. Josiah Ali says:

    This beat is insane .. “he’s a warrior…”

  14. Erikaskus says:

    This is Kodak hyping his release.

  15. Pablo I ent says:

    True fans would know today is yak birthday 🎯

  16. Elvis William says:

    This song actually hard af 🔥well done Kodak

  17. Rogerville Plug says:

    1:08 almost didn’t notice that transition 🔥🔥

  18. Lexi Candy says:

    Kodak go in HAM ON this right here, BANGER! He aint like them trappers these days who just be usin *Authentic* *Views* *Com* to get they views up to go viral.. SMH seems like anyone can go viral these days..

  19. redman58fla says:

    Don’t sleep on mike smiff he’s the closes thing to trick daddy coming outta Miami

  20. Tatu Papi says:

    “You ain’t locked up from the world, youngin. The world locked away from you.” FREE BILL KAPRI

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