KODAK IS NOT A CLONE ; The Making Of Hit Bout It | The Boat Show S2 Ep. 6

KODAK IS NOT A CLONE ; The Making Of Hit Bout It | The Boat Show S2 Ep. 6

In this special episode, Yachty goes to Miami to link up with Kodak to film their new single “Hit Bout It”.

Stream Lil Yachty & Kodak Black “Hit Bout It” here: https://QualityControl.lnk.to/HitBoutIt​

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77 Responses

  1. ry allan says:

    this shit got me smiling glad kodak’s free spending time wit his mama in a big ass crib he happy af

  2. Patrick Severe says:

    I’m fw this friendship fr though

  3. Rosalinda Ortiz says:

    “I’m real handsome , so you can see my eyes” 😂😂

  4. Shermal VEVO says:

    Kodak’s bros are so happy to see him just look at how they hug him

  5. Kingventz Tv says:

    When Kodak take his jacket off it’s like when your Haïtian mom dress u to go to church 😂😭

  6. LostAtSea. says:

    Am I the only one who prefers the new kodak? Like he sounds way more cohesive, more high energy, and much healthier.

  7. yea says:

    Yachty really showing you mfs y’all can be yourself

  8. Max Gibson says:

    Druski – “I met you years ago, how you been?”
    Kodak – * tortured in jail for almost two years* – “I been straight”

  9. AP Fetti says:

    Nahh Haitian moms really hate when you don’t eat their food 😂😂

  10. George Aguilar says:


  11. not the Real Tyler says:

    Why do the the boat show episodes have barely any views like wtf this mad entertaining I could watch these all day.

  12. not the Real Tyler says:

    This show Heavily underrated

  13. Trent Gonzalez says:

    Who ever reads this you will be successful and rich!!!!👁🖤

  14. Zion McFarland says:

    Hopefully Yak stay out of trouble he too talented to go to prison and waste his talents

  15. Lil Uzi Vert says:

    Yatchy had to put that in his Title for you “Conspiracy Theorists”

  16. Craig Elrod says:

    “We aint even gone PRUUVIEUWW” lmao I fuck with Kodak mann

  17. Tshiamiso Ukwuagu says:

    I noticed Yachty has always been a Kodak fan… he knows the lyrics from is old songs🔥

  18. El__moreno says:

    I remember when Kodak didn’t like lil boat … is nice seeing them together ❤️

  19. KicksofDowney ig says:

    Yak: “ I pinch they nipples that’s how you know I fw you”

    That’s some prison shit😭

  20. EJDaGoat says:

    All my Zoe’s know that plate look good asf 🇭🇹

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