KOREAN Beauty Haul – SAILOR MOON Makeup!!

KOREAN Beauty Haul – SAILOR MOON Makeup!!

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All K-Beauty Products From: https://www.yesstyle.com
Sailor Moon Heart Compact- http://bit.ly/2jmMypR
Sailor Moon Makeup Brush- http://bit.ly/2n1LQ6p
Sailor Moon Eyeliner- http://bit.ly/2iPjjMy
Sailor Moon Chalice Blush- http://bit.ly/2zmwg72
Suitcase Set- http://bit.ly/2Aa9Bfo
Pony Effect Magnetic Brushes- http://bit.ly/2mYDCvy
Bear Palette- Out of Stock!
Reusable Face Mask- http://bit.ly/2A6itEM
Moustache Mask- http://bit.ly/2B9cY5G
Door Eyeshadow- http://bit.ly/2zBgNUX
Dino Makeup Wands- http://bit.ly/2jX1vmr
Smile Line Mask- http://bit.ly/2A3VrhU
Wine Perfume- http://bit.ly/2zlsQBp
Cranberry Water Tint- http://bit.ly/2A5Ro4O
Jack o Lantern Lotion- http://bit.ly/2zBXCdG

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61 Responses

  1. Rhiannon Harris says:

    I love u 🐰
    Do u love me?????

  2. Gymnast Nayeli says:

    i am the 273rd view and 25th comment

  3. Edina Pasic says:

    Sailor Moon!! 💙

  4. Killer Joy says:


  5. bøřịš 59äj says:

    She is the one named sailor moon

  6. Sweet Games 甜美的游戏 says:

    *KOREAN Beauty Haul – SAILOR MOON Makeup!!*

  7. It's Just Kayla says:

    Been having a bad time with my anxiety lately. You vids help me get my mind off of it. 💚 love you

    • Trash Barbie says:

      It’s Just Kayla feel better soon girl

    • Key_to_Happiness2009 says:

      I know how you feel, I have anxiety too! I hope you feel some relief soon!

    • Payge Elizabeth says:

      Omg same. I literally watch her old videos all the time because they make me feel safe and comforted. The vibes she gives off through her videos are literal magic.

    • Megan B says:

      I’ve been there anxiety is the worst but remember it will pass and get better! I suffer from anxiety and depression and there are moments I think it will never pass but it always does! I agree with everyone’s comments about how she’s herself and I think that’s so refreshing in our “perfect” Facebook world to see someone just be their authentic self. I’m still working on learning to be myself and not what I think the world wants. Thank you for being you Bunny! 💜

    • The Gray’s Wifey says:

      It’s Just Kayla – me too, I get the worst anxiety. I hope things get easier for you! Her vids help me so much too.

  8. ephemeral opia says:

    As soon as I see Ryan, I immediately think of Namjoon lol.

  9. This Little Critic says:

    I know everyone’s doing this now and so did I but could you PLEASE react to some Kpop?

  10. April Parker says:

    Oh I love K Beauty! I’ve been using Korean skincare for about 4 months and my face looks amazing for 40

    • AylaJoJo says:

      April Parker Really? Would you mind sharing which ones? I’m a little older than you 😉 And I’m looking for new products that really work!

    • April Parker says:

      AylaJoJo sure! I use Repiel sheet masks 2 to three times a week and Guerrison 9 Complex w/horse oil as a night cream. The night cream, you HAVE to order from Korea because there are a thousand copies that don’t have the oil or the snail slime in it and that’s what makes it work. Good luck!

    • Shelby Stewart says:

      SAME!! Korean skincare is a game changer. SK-II, Laneige, Tacha, Dr. Jart, and Tony Moly are all amazing.

    • Medusa In Underland says:

      I hear ya it turned my skin around completely. Korean skincare has actual benifits it isn’t just chemicals. Klauvv is a favourite.

    • Sheryl Oliver says:

      Really?! I going to check some out. What do you recommend?

  11. Ariana Limoges says:

    In Korea natural makeup is super popular! Most of these brands will have things like that! Tony Moly is definitely my favorite and the Face Shop is also great! While in Korea I saw so many cute things like this and I really think you’d love the type of stores they have! Cute packaging and quality products are everywhere! Unfortunately it can be overwhelming because some of the bigger shopping areas such as Sinchon and Hongdae are packed full of people; but there are so many cool shops there and YesStyle carries most of them! I loved this video!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. jimins future wife says:

    did I hear Korean?? XD

  13. jimins future wife says:

    OMG I was just on yessstlyle I want to buy these cute round glasses but I’m poor 🙁

  14. Spirila says:

    Haven’t finished the video but already know that I need to visit this website 😍💗💗

  15. Qtpie99 says:


  16. ZZZ says:

    I agree with you, I wish America had more soft and cute things like Korea and Japan. I feel like America is all about one upping someone else, and trying to look like a “baddie” or like an instagram model.

  17. Gabby Britz says:

    Can I just ask what the hell “scoops” means 😂 she’s the only person I’ve ever heard say that and I’ve been confused for months 😂♥️

  18. Sierra Aspen says:

    You said “Bunny spit” and now all I can think about is if I’ve ever seen an actual bunny spit.

  19. Vanessa P says:

    yesstyle is good to get these products from but i also use beautyboxkorea.com and vutydesign.com as well as clubcliousa.com… if you like your korean beauty products. (:

  20. Tammy Masseo says:

    I think of Simon and Martina when I see Sailor Moon stuff. Martina loves Sailor Moon!

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