Korean Diet Hula Hoop of HELL!

Korean Diet Hula Hoop of HELL!

Korea has these specialty hula hoops that are supposed to be diet something or other, and they’re huge and PAINFUL AS HELL! We’ll share it with you for this week’s Wonderful Treasure Find. Bonus bruise evidence in the blog post, and extra special video in the app as well!

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20 Responses

  1. DuhaWithACamera says:

    Suzi’s body is amazing!

  2. baby cindrella says:

    This is a first seeing ones with the rolling balls on them. Usually i see
    the hoop with the bumps only in korean dramas/videos. Also if you use a
    hula hoop you have to get used to going both ways. Because you can be
    diagnosed with scoliosis or other spinal injuries. 

  3. Boram Qu says:

    do you guys even do music mondays anymore??

  4. Michelle says:

    I’m Korean and aunt had that. It looked so weird and I tried why not? It
    looks painful it can’t hurt and I did and holy crap it freaking hurts like

  5. yen xion says:

    Are the sheep off today. 

  6. Daytona White says:

    I can’t believe guys wear jeans like that.. 

  7. Patricia Nava says:

    I wish you guys did vlogs!!

  8. Keylin Hunter says:

    Pit stains on fleek

  9. sacredmeow says:

    Dat opening is so nasty… or maybe my mind is >.<

  10. armybratmoonprincess says:

    LOL I haven’t done the Hula Hoop since I was a child, that looks painful
    hee hee ^-^

  11. Julianne Martin says:

    It was probably a bad idea watching V’s trot medley first before watching
    this, when they said hulahoop, I immediately heard V’s singing “Hula hula
    hula hula hula~” I regret nothing

  12. Jessica Carrasco says:

    Suzzzzzie is so cute

  13. aj madcapocean says:

    Remind anyone else of the loop around Shiva? Weird.

  14. 10CherryCola says:

    Don’t feel bad. I can’t hula hoop to save my life lol. 

  15. KIPONee N says:

    Martina I’m the same I can’t hula hoop XD

  16. Kelsi Coffman says:

    Simon, be honest! You’re growing that handsome man beard to make all the
    Koreans jealous because they can’t. :)

  17. "First" and "Sandstorm" comments will be flagged as spam says:

    Oh look, Simon is wearing an anchor necklace because it’s fashion now.

  18. Odwerki R says:

    Not my favorite hoop, but I don’t mind using them. I prefer normal weighted
    hoops. They still bruise your midriff when you first start using them
    though. What you have looks like a magnetic hula hoop. They are supposed to
    “stimulates acupressure points of the waist and the abdomen, having effects
    of massaging and finger pressing and reducing weight.” Which translates to
    “hurt like hell”.

  19. Mr Face to Face says:

    +Eat Your Kimchi Can you make a TLDR about age in korea?I mean…I am 14
    intenationally but I am 16 there?WTF?!

  20. Kody James says:

    SooZee….Hula-hoop…Day Made….That is all.