KOREAN McDonald’s VS. Burger King in Seoul South Korea

KOREAN McDonald’s VS. Burger King in Seoul South Korea

Many of you guys asked me to try out the McDonald’s in South Korea and I was super excited as well. With burgers such as the Shanghai burger, I was expecting great things. After eating at McDonald’s I also stopped at Burger King in Seoul and tried out some of the interesting items there.

So here is my review and comparison of Korean McDonald’s and Burger King in South Korea.

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80 Responses

  1. TeaMajestic says:

    These videos always make so mad, because I can’t try any of the delicious food!?

    • Doggiemix1 says:

      I feel the same way. One day, while watching one of his videos, I found myself getting angry over the good food he was eating….food I don’t have access to. Then I realized I was hate watching. I had to take a break. Lol

  2. Candace Josanne says:

    I know I have been craving for another awesome video….

    Btw that last video on your Mike Chen channel with that seafood stew was amazing it looked so salivating omg must have tasted like heaven on earth

  3. Ramen is Amazing says:

    i think that this guy has the best job in the world. like if u agree

  4. punit kataria says:

    Here’s a random thought Mike why don’t you try McDonald’s at every country you visit???

  5. Bry New York says:

    i never eat mc Donald’s, well only if I am ever in Japan. the food is unique and fresh. you just proved again that asian countries have the best Mc Donalds food available.

  6. Villiam Yaj says:

    Ohh now I’m hungry again but already ate dinner food looks bomb different ut good.

  7. Jiachael 643 says:

    *can we get some McDonald’s?*
    “Sure, the one up the street?”
    *uh,no. Farther*
    “How far? The one next to the university?”
    *no, first, we need plane tickets…*
    “What the fu-“

  8. Richard Zimmer says:

    This is the moment McDonald’s decided to add the “select all” feature

  9. René æ says:

    I just had McDonalds last night ? I’ve never felt more closer to Mikey than now.

  10. Sean says:

    The apple pies used to be fried like that in the US. They were so good back then. You could burn your mouth from the hot apple filling. Now they are just baked. Not the same.

  11. Open Eye says:

    I really wish McDonald’s would test the market and do burgers like these for even 3 days out of a month and change the burger every month.

  12. Nate .905 says:

    I love watching you when I eat! Because when I eat and watch you I try to make the food taste as good as you make it look ?

  13. Jocelyn Rubin says:

    1955 is not only in Korea. it’s also in Italy ‘s McDonald’s. the sweetness comes from the cooked onions. they put so much sauce, too much. I’d love to try Burger King food in Korea: a very different menu.

    • Stephen Thompson says:

      McDonald’s didn’t even arrive in Korea until 1988 – In 1955 we were at war?

    • KevVIII says:

      Essentially that’s the point: according to the ads in Korea, the 1955 Burger is advertised as “brining back the 1955 burger experience.” I don’t think we have McDonalds in Korea until 1990s… maybe 80s?… anyhow, definitely we didn’t have McDonalds back then.

    • Jimmy Langstraat says:

      1955 is when the original hamburger chain was bought out and started the grow to what we have now

    • NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes says:

      Jocelyn Rubin it was all over europe , in romania it was a few years ago

    • Jocelyn Rubin says:

      NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes it is part of their promotional burgers/meals from different countries or regions. 1955 and big tasty often make an appearance.

  14. Midnight Cravings says:

    Everything taste better with kimchi even in burgers ??

  15. GreaterMarlin says:

    Why can’t the U.S have burgers like these

  16. Mirag3 says:

    One Asian dude in Korea + talking to himself + 7 burgers = quality content

    I’m very gifted at maths

  17. Dubyah B says:

    I gotta quit this channel….making be hungry and depressed for food that I’ll probably never have in my life in places I’ll probably never get to.

  18. Will Hawthorne says:

    It seems like McDonald’s are better in foreign countries

  19. Ralphie_Boy says:

    *McDonald’s in Colombia, S.A. same menu, with one exception one can order rice & beans with a fried chicken leg, no lie!*

  20. Karmini Parsan says:

    Mikey…you’re the king of the eating world..hands down..no competition ??

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