Koreans Get Photoshopped With Plastic Surgery Ideals

Koreans Get Photoshopped With Plastic Surgery Ideals

“There’s my potato face, y’all.”

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20 Responses

  1. Andrea Gutierrez says:

    I came here because I wanted to know what was South Korea’s beauty

  2. maddux1st says:

    As a black woman….Korean men look WAY better than white guys. All this
    white washing is a like a mental patient pushing the agenda. There’s beauty
    in all races…but white being better…ummm not even close

  3. Veritas Cognitio says:

    Face surgery is called REFORMATION SURGERY, not plastic surgery in Korean.
    So the semantics affect how they think, of it as just an upgrade, its not
    being fake or plastic. I pity Koreans who think a sucked out deflated face
    is nearly even pretty. Most of the plastic surgery ads in korea afters look
    like creepy barbies and anime characters. They don’t look human. They even
    have Korean contact lenses, something that makes your eyes look like you’re
    from an anime with extra large pupils.

  4. Angela Solomon says:

    Heard to many bad things about Korea. I never want to go.

  5. Phanteus says:

    The photoshops are so bad lol. They should have hired someone else.

  6. Matthew says:

    beauty standards are trash, id rather talk and be with around people who
    are confident in being themselves, not a cookie cutout. I’m half asian, I
    have double eyelids, but I like the uniqueness to asians with monolids, be
    yoself y’all.

  7. Lana Starr says:

    Who else only clicked on the vid cuz Eugene was on the thumbnail?

  8. ExplodedGEORGE says:

    The photoshop is pretty bad

  9. Iggy T says:

    Ashley, you’re friggin hot the way you are

  10. Nicole Mae says:

    Monolids are beautiful, and I wish more ppl realized that

  11. Jonathan Andrade says:

    Eugenes jaw line is one of his best features

  12. Moa Melilot says:

    They look better before :)

  13. CreepySpark says:

    Why would anyone tell Eugene he isn’t pretty enough?!

  14. Frances Leath says:

    They made him look more feminine. Why?

  15. Jacqueline R says:

    they all look better before the photoshop

  16. Akrimi Mathwa says:

    Ashley’s little conversation with “sexy ashley” in the end gives me life

  17. YOOᑎᘜIᔕ ᙎᗩIᖴᙀ 【ƛ.Ʀ.M.Ƴ】 says:

    i can’t understand that.. aisans are like the most beautiful people I’ve
    ever seen .-.

  18. FayVlogs says:

    I don’t like Eugenes “after” photo. he looks MUCH better the way he does
    right now.

  19. Sanaa Rabbin says:

    Ashley is so insecure it made me really sad. I know she won’t see this but
    she’s beautiful, shes perfect the way she is a specially when she’s funny.
    he showing her side of being insecure just made me feel super sorry for
    her. she shouldn’t feel like this ??

  20. Emi M says:

    Honestly teach them how to contour well and they won’t ‘need’ any of this