Korn – You’ll Never Find Me (Official Visualizer)

Korn – You’ll Never Find Me (Official Visualizer)

? THE NOTHING ? Available September 13: https://lnk.to/thenothingkorn

Watch and listen to “You’ll Never Find Me” – Everywhere now.

Pre-order The Nothing merch bundles: https://smarturl.it/kornshop

North American Summer Tour begins 07.18.19. For tickets and show details, visit http://kornaic.com.

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Official Visualizer for “You’ll Never Find Me” produced by Chris Schoenman. Creative direction by TNSN_DVSN.

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78 Responses

  1. Carlos Jimenez says:

    Korn Is Back!!!!

  2. Blue Jay 115 says:

    Bruh is this for the new album cause I’ve been hyped!

  3. kornfreak78 says:

    I need new KoRn in my life NOW!! I don’t want to wait 13 more hours!! lol.

  4. Rhichelle Gasperi says:

    2019, ano do new metal todinho, obrigada Korn!!

  5. kornchannel says:

    ? THE NOTHING ? September 13
    Pre-order/pre-save now: http://lnk.to/thenothingkorn

  6. Scott says:

    1998 (Mom to son) “How long do you think he’ll be able to scream like that for?”
    2019 YES

    • Izalith says:

      @Booger Boy Well…. Neither of them use their vocal chords for singing/screaming… They use their abdomen

    • The Anti Christ says:

      @SinikkaL Yeah I’ve produced 13 records in my studio. I play 7 instruments and Spent 10 years out of my life touring. Korn was my life and was my favorite band when I was a child growing up. Not only am I 100% correct, but I’m more knowledgeable in music then you are in your entire existence. I Wasn’t Bitching about anything you fucken faggot. I’ve been in death metal bands and listen to death metal all the time they’re not even fucken close to the same type of singers. I’m not being a Dick by saying that it’s just wrong. Don’t be a naive ignorant fucken douche bag your whole life. Your fucking worthless.

    • The Anti Christ says:

      @SinikkaL It’s OK dude my right pinky is worth more than your entire life. I just had a rough day and spent too many hours in the studio. it”s gotten me a little aggressive so that’s where all this is coming from. I’m sure you are really good at video games and stuff that doesn’t take any talent. Probably a pro Facebooker I’m guessing? The irony is astonishing.

    • Micah N stuff says:

      The Anti Christ got us a special snowflake over here

    • Casz5 says:

      I had the SAME conversation with my mother while we were listening to Ball Tongue.

  7. MTSLykan Uchiha says:

    Cade os br ?
    Melhor banda do new metal sem dúvidas

  8. Manjit Kumar says:

    rock is gonna bang electronic ding dong pop music ….. slipknot,korn….AC/DC is coming soon yo!??

  9. Sumatra says:

    ❤️ I love the chorus ❤️

    • Fathan Aqwiya says:

      Sumatra i think its “so come give me” not for mocking me. I read the lyrics first before listening to the music

  10. Artist & Band News by Michael Nagy says:

    This sounds like original Korn the second it starts!!

  11. HumanoSiniestro says:

    KoRn, Slipknot, and Tool releasing new music?
    Wow, it’s like we’re 1999. 2019 is a great year, with no doubt.

  12. Psychedoutmike says:

    KoRn needs to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next year they’re finally eligible!!

    • skinnysk8erboy says:

      @Shocked Chander idk i would say both korn and slipknot would be even when it comes to influence on today’s music

    • David S says:

      True. But there’s so many others who should go before them. Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Deep Purple just to name a few. Can you believe those bands aren’t in yet?

    • MusicMoviesGames says:

      Yeah, Korn are worthy to be inducted into the HOF but theres other bands that should be inducted first.

    • Kurtis Hodges says:

      Fuck Yeah totally. I’d vote for them. They do deserve it.

  13. Adam Turner says:

    Ill never get old.I Live in my nostalgia. Thank you KORN

  14. Truth Hurts says:

    This video looks like my life trying to get out of anxiety problems :’)

  15. MrWoofDog says:

    Omg. Who else saw this and started freakin out!??
    I mean cmon. Tool, Slipknot, AND Korn?

    Sorry pornhub ill see you later

  16. Conor Browne says:

    When I was young I was that obsessed with Korn my friends would call me kornor instead of Conor. I always will be kornor. Always

  17. royal king says:

    Jonathan Davis getting emotional at the end of the song was great and emotional I’m having a feeling this album is about his wife that passed away rip deven Davis

  18. Jerrod Howard says:

    Hearing on mobile device reaction: “ehh not bad”

    Hearing in car or home stereo:
    “HOLY CRAP!…awesome”

  19. OwnMySunrise says:

    It sounds more like let the guilt go. They need to bring fieldy’s bass out. And the guitar need to be heavier in parts

    • Dakoda Morgan says:

      OwnMySunrise that’s what happens when you introduce electronics instead of old school recording

  20. The ソordi Gonzalez says:

    If you’re an old school Nü Metal banger (1994 – 2003)…
    ? Smash this mf button

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