Kourtney Calls Out Kim in Expletive-Filled Blowup | KUWTK | E!

Kourtney Calls Out Kim in Expletive-Filled Blowup | KUWTK | E!

Things heat up between the “KUWTK” sisters when Kim Kardashian claims Kourtney is not as dedicated to work as she and Khloe are–but this time Kourt’s not having it.

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Kourtney Calls Out Kim in Expletive-Filled Blowup | KUWTK | E!

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107 Responses

  1. risha rattan says:

    funny how she went from kendall to kourtney 😂


    when khloe said ooooo to kim not mentioning koutneys name

  3. queen mads says:

    kim breathes thru her mouth and talks through her nose🤔😂

  4. Sashay Away says:

    Kim’s confessions outfit and earrings are giving me late 2000s Kim 😍

  5. Anna Luisa Rossini says:

    Kourtney is right. Everybody should do what’s best for them and that’s fine.

  6. Kelvin Quartey says:

    Kim is deliberately being mean to Kourt. She said it the first time when talking to Kendall and Kourt ignored that comment and then she said it again this time making it sound so rude. She should get off Kourt’s case not everyone is money thirsty.

    • Katie Ortiz says:

      You’re right Kim is being such a female dog

    • _Jijiti says:

      @Kelvin Quartey but kourtney still wants to have money from the show? What was that? Just so you know kourtney wont have the money that she uses for her “kids” and fame she has right now if it weren’t for Kim and the show, like beach all you need to do is be there, let your life be recorded because that’s what you’re supposed to do, that’s your job if you want money! That’s just how the world goes

    • Sha Bamm says:

      Clorox Bleach you realize she just set them up right? I mean no one just makes millions…lololol

    • bella g says:


    • bella g says:

      @Valerie THATS TRU TOO LOL

  7. Kemah B says:

    “going no matter how sick we are” And that, kids, is how illnesses are spread around the world.

  8. TEA-REX says:

    I swear Kim gets hight when she bullies someone look how happy she looked when she provoked Kendall and then Kourtney

  9. loeyl says:

    Why isn’t Kim going at Kylie they way she is when it comes to kourtney, Kylie isn’t always on the show but SHES a billionaire lol

  10. Sam Pozac says:

    Kendall saying “I’ll f***ing come at you right now” to Kim. Loool please do, you should never belittle mental health issues..

  11. BroadMinded Naga says:

    Khloe: can you shut the door?
    Cameras: are we a joke to you?

  12. Samuel Luiz says:

    Kim’s always acting like she is the only one working, remmember when she wouldn’t even show up at Dash? Faking being sick and stuff? lol

    • TheRewivsMan Tv says:


    • Bebe JTBK says:

      @Kelly Lunt what like stripping?

    • jqueen says:

      The OGs know!😂😂😂

    • naima R says:


    • Miss Shay says:

      Right, Khloe and Kourtney did all the work when they had their stores. I remember Khloe and Kourtney getting pissed at her for it. They had to keep track of the books, website, buying etc. when Kim was no where to be found. So, no she wasn’t always working like she claims 🙄 Let’s not forget when they had spin off shows Kourt was the only one fully committed traveling with family while Khloe barely showed up because she was newly married & traveling with Lamar at away games. Kim was barely on the show because she was off doing her own thing 🙄

  13. gurl bye says:

    kim was clearly belittling kendall’s anxiety and making it sound like it isn’t that serious and that work is still more important.

    • gurl bye says:

      @WEALTHY 570 regardless of whether or not she shows up just as much as kim, the fact that kim rubbed it in her face that she doesn’t because of her anxiety is belittling her condition. She’s doing her best in her own ways and for kim to say she doesn’t due to anxiety is belittling it.

    • gurl bye says:

      @Simmy1 she did not defend it, just listen to the context of their conversation as well as kim’s tone and delivery. I don’t hate kim at all, khloe is actually my least favorite. im sorry i triggered you. 😉

    • chanti L says:

      @Ndangi Shikongo it was the way kim said it. It wasnt mindful nor nice. She shouldve used her brain

    • Simmy1 says:

      gurl bye go take a thew pills and go to bed boo, you need your sleep.

    • Miss Shay says:

      Right and as soon as Kanye says or does another stupid thing she’ll be using anxiety or another mental illness as an excuse 🙄

  14. M says:

    Why is everything a competition for Kim all the time? Like she wants to be best at Christmas parties, best work ethic, most interesting to look at etc. Chill – help each other grow 🙏🏼

    • Cassandra Jade says:

      It’s kind of sad. Because she’s insecure and feels a need to put down others to feed her huge ego.

      All of the things she’s built is a result of other people’s hard work. Being accepted in the fashion industry (because of Kanye), using beauty and fashion as a selling point (her plastic surgeons, makeup-artists, and stylists), the reality show (an idea that was her mom’s), advocating for prison reform (has a team of lawyers also helping although respect). Take all of that away and on her own, she doesn’t have much going on and I think she knows that.

    • Lara M says:

      memba when scott chose to kill kim in f marry kill? we know why…

    • Gise Bruno Lóndero says:

      @Lilman Yellow right! She’s trying to be the best in… oh im sorry what? Oh yea! The best tv show and the best plastic and fake body! Score kim! 👏🏼👌🏼💪🏼

    • Cindy Wallis says:

      she looks down at all of her family.

    • Lawn Mower says:

      @Salome Paredes Ruelas yeah you’re right. Kim didn’t do anything wrong tbh.

  15. Teresa says:

    kims face doesn’t even move anymore. it looks like if she laughs the whole thing will explode

  16. Jack FelixnAtlas says:

    If Kourtney wants to stay at home and be a mom and raise her kids then let her be a mom tf is wrong with Kim

    • taiyona tiare says:

      Well she thinks she can be on the show for 5secs and get paid the same as the others without effort

    • Sm Cham says:

      Then she shouldn’t share in the money from the show or anything else that Kim and Khloe do that Kourtney doesn’t want to. If you don’t work you don’t eat!!

    • GM PM says:

      I don’t know who she’s raising, her kids have no manners, don’t even respect her or any elders.

    • bella g says:


    • G Mw says:

      @Lilman Yellow Kourtney also has her own company she owns to run and had carried plenty of earlier shows and helped run other businesses.

  17. Terry Whitney says:

    Kim makes EVERYTHING a competition and it gets annoying.

  18. Nina513 says:

    Kourtney looks pretty as hell in the confessional. 🤩
    A TOTAL look.
    She’s the only Kardashian that looks somewhat normal and naturally feminine still. Her and Kendall.

  19. k a r m a says:

    It looks like Kim’s having some issues, what’s with her “bully” behavior lately, it’s getting worse each season. Even Kendall wasn’t having her bs.

  20. Gabby says:

    Nah fam Courtney is the realist out of all them. She’s just chillin. She’s not tripping about anything or anyone. The rest of them need to chill.

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