Kourtney Kardashian Discusses Scott

Kourtney Kardashian Discusses Scott

Kourtney talked to Ellen about her relationship with Scott Disick.

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20 Responses

  1. Birch Green says:

    seems like all kardashians has the same voice

  2. Alejandra Jimenez says:

    “We have 3 beautiful children together”…..I see four tho?!

  3. Felicia Hua says:

    he’ll always bE whAT??¿

  4. Obi- Juan Kentucky says:

    Came here to bust a nut over Ellen’s masculinity!

  5. Joseline Sanabria says:

    I got so excited and then this happened…ELLEN WHYYYY???

  6. Womanly says:

    i just uploaded why we shouldn’t idolize the kardashians..please watch and
    subscribe :)

  7. You're Pretty Dumb says:

    Hi Kourtney, why are you famous again?

  8. You're Pretty Dumb says:

    She used totally in a sentence, argument invalid.

  9. Jamal Tokelau says:

    Yes Kourtney!! You deserve better?❤️?

  10. Lord Fuego says:

    Who cares about this family anymore

  11. 73SINNER says:

    No one gives a fuck please go away Ks

  12. Neela Naim says:

    Every time I watch the Kardashians I lose a brain cell……

    No hate

  13. Donald Duck says:

    His family, he’ll always be… what? WHAT? Ellen, whaaat?!

  14. Steve Holmgren says:

    Haven’t cared a lick about this family in 8 years.

  15. Needz Duts says:

    fuck these untalented turdashians

  16. Andre Watches YouTube Videos says:

    After reading the comments it seems Kendall and Kourtney are the favorites,
    coincidentally they’re also the only two yet to date a black guy, think
    about that ppl.

  17. YFabu says:

    Can I ask you about Sc……(end of video) seriously Ellen? Video too
    short…. them marketing tactics doe….

  18. Torre675 says:

    But why are they famous?!?

  19. Popular on YouTube - Worldwide says:

    *Kourtney Kardashian Discusses Scott*

  20. HackGTA 1338 says:

    I have been watching the Keeping Up With The Kardashian show. <3