KRC News – SNL

KRC News – SNL

KRC News’ weather report is interrupted by a surprise marriage proposal on air.

#SNL #SNL44 #JonahHill #MaggieRogers

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48 Responses

  1. Katie R says:

    Is it KCR OR KRC, SNL?

  2. Bailey Titus says:

    It is KCR News in the skit and KRC News in the title and description

  3. GriPhone says:

    SNL needs to change writers

  4. D. Jones Jr. says:

    2:08 thank you Leslie for explaining the joke smh

  5. TheKiss says:

    Aidy killing it this episode

  6. mimi d says:

    Thought he was gonna say no at the end lol xD

  7. vi 360 says:

    Writers are back smokin that weed again… this stuff is not funny or make sense if you are sober.

  8. Jandelle Cobbs says:

    Tina: up next the cops are looking for Drew and her Volvo.

  9. Erica Gamet says:

    Guess Matt did the titles for tonight’s “Divided We Stand” musical sketch!

  10. Dtrollmancan says:


  11. King Kagle says:

    It’s a little humorous for an idea. But mostly, it was just weirdly sweet.

    Just two big dummies getting engaged after 3 months of being exclusive, right before weather girl is arrested. D’aaaawwwwww… dummies…

  12. ScarlettP says:

    2:49 lmao at Jonah’s head floating!

  13. Toyreon says:

    “you weren’t, I was” LMAO!

  14. noname justus says:

    Cecily looks good with any hair color!

  15. ScarlettP says:

    2:11 Ok, that beat was pretty LIT!
    It dropped harder than my grades 😂

  16. 5%LowBattery says:

    Happy daylight saving time. 2am is now 1am. Should be sleeping 😴 but refreshing to see SNL updates

    • Ken says:

      Happy daylight saving time?
      It’s not a frickin holiday. Before the internet, it meant you spent that hour resetting every single clock and watch you’ve ever owned. It was a nightmare that was brought to us amongst the plagues, locusts and a couple of annoying frogs.

  17. Acton Treadway says:

    I hated this skit. A lot.

  18. Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose says:

    Mary Me!!! 😂

  19. Honey Bee86 says:

    This _STARTED OUT_ really funny…..but as soon as she said she was proposing it got REAL STUPID, REAL FAST

  20. Natalie Rose says:

    As soon as Cecily stepped in front of the weather forecast, I knew immediately why they put Jonah in green. Excellent.

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