Kris Jenner Answers ‘Ellen’s Burning Questions’

Kris Jenner Answers ‘Ellen’s Burning Questions’

Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner answered “Ellen’s Burning Questions,” including which daughter she thinks is the smartest, whether Kylie is planning for another baby, and revealed a little too much about what’s in her bedside table.

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50 Responses

  1. Creative Side says:

    Kris jenners answers are amazing😂😂😂

  2. Gamer Moonlight11 says:

    😂kris definitely don’t read a bible…

  3. Lena Beana says:

    Kris: I brought you a party favour
    Ellen: I don’t care.


    • Kinsey Compass says:

      I watched it a second time just to hear that!!!😂😂😂 Thank you, my friend for pointing this out!! Hilarious!!😃

  4. Raymond Trunk says:

    I haven’t laughed so hard in my life. This game is pure gold with Kris haha

  5. Sophi Klimashenko says:

    Ellen: Besides your face, what body part do you look at the most in the mirror?
    Kris: My eyes


  6. A DOLLA?? says:

    Ellen: *presses buzzer*


  7. Shanaynay O'keil says:

    Kris’ cheeks are looking more like Wendy William’s now.

  8. Rius Maiti says:

    I am supposed to do my homework, what am I doing here?

  9. DiscoverYourAwesomeness says:

    *There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.*

  10. Rigat Kidane says:

    I’m actually starting to like Kris jenner😬

  11. Toreena Loitongbam says:

    Ellen: Is Kylie trying for another baby??
    Kris: idk
    Good answer

  12. Nehal Jain says:

    Ellen: “breaths”
    Audience : “laughs” 😂

  13. Ipshita T says:

    : She wants me to say vibrator
    : I was not waiting for that.

    But is there?
    : Maybe 😉

  14. Frank Lenolds says:

    Well well I just adore her for her intelligence now….I hope the daughters are too

  15. Katelyn Runion says:

    Thank God she said Kim’s bike shorts….when Ellen asked that question those bike shorts immediately popped into my head before she even answered!

  16. Nazarii Kim says:

    Kris is such an amazing woman, I’d like to have a friend like her

  17. Ss Mona Ss says:

    I never though I could like Kris Jenner so much

  18. Vickie says:

    Kris has a good sense of humor!

  19. Laura Binns says:

    the bike shorts that kim wears ! I’m dead hahahahaha

  20. YuQing Reaction Channel says:

    If she come out a business book I definitely going to buy won’t think twice

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