Kristen Bell on Dax Shepard’s ‘Sweet Bromance’ with Bradley Cooper

Kristen Bell on Dax Shepard’s ‘Sweet Bromance’ with Bradley Cooper

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard described to Ellen the very “sweet bromance” Dax has going on with Bradley Cooper. Plus, the couple talked about the hilarious and painful Choco Challenge they did to support prostate cancer research.


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36 Responses

  1. Saniah Prater says:

    My favorite Celebrity Couple!

  2. rohan raj says:

    Their chemistry though… ??

  3. Ipshita T says:

    *We come together*
    *Cz opposites attract* ?

  4. vince west says:

    Dax and Kristen ARE THE GREATEST

  5. Mona Dualeh says:

    They should have their own show, linked to social media.. what should we do show ?

    • Heval Barbara Kalkan says:

      +Mona Dualeh Yesss! They deserve their show.

    • Heval Barbara Kalkan says:

      +Mona Dualeh At least I’d love to see some show like facebook red table talk it would be awesome.

    • raye xo says:

      Mona Dualeh what should we do show?

    • Mona Dualeh says:

      raye xo a challenge (not extreme) type of show would be hilarious don’t u think???

    • Mona Dualeh says:

      Heval Barbara Kalkan was so watching clips of this earlier today, honesty amazing concept but I could so see them do a type of comedic challenge (nothing extreme) and see their reaction and viewers. I have loved (fan girl hard) Kristen bell since Veronica mars can’t wait for the reboot…

  6. MissPiixiie says:

    I love how they break into song.

  7. Margo Lindman says:

    i love it when ellen starts to laugh like a grandma with asthma

  8. LittleMissPerfect 4eva says:

    This made me laugh so much.. feed all celebrities a piece of ‘hot chocolate’ and there true self will be revealed ?

  9. Ana R says:

    I guess GaGa is not the only one in love with Cooper

  10. Magazine Art says:

    I have a strong feeling he is bisexual lamo.

    • Dorito Chip says:

      Magazine Art you know just cause a guy openly talks about a man being attractive and stuff doesn’t mean he’s sexually attracted to men right…

      Men should be able to openly talk about this stuff without people just saying this stuff. If he is, then that’s great for him but If he hasn’t said it publicly, don’t label it just cause.

    • Shakiba Inside A Screen says:

      +Dorito Chip very well said ?

    • Veronica Rose says:

      He’s talked about it on his podcast. I don’t think it’s necessarily about sexuality but his love for human affection if I’m not mistaken.

  11. Marian Muleta says:

    Im laughing out loud when they posted their video in Kristen’s instagram ???? its sooooo hilarious watching them killing their stomach. HAHAHA. They’re soooo funny ?

  12. Micaela Dela Pena says:

    Ellen’s laugh really got me hahaha

  13. Aga L-M says:

    they should be regulars on Ellen! Love Them♡

  14. Parisa Bardikalaie says:

    Omg surprise dax with both brads on the show please!!!!!!!!

  15. Josie Bae2 says:

    I love how you can tell they’re best friends too

  16. Daya Subramanian says:

    5:06 ellen looks in the camera like on the office

  17. xxKEVZxx says:

    Ellen’s must be thinking, no wonder they’re together hahahaha

  18. Niktirgit 007 says:

    How cute are they omg I want to be a part of them

  19. Winnie Mwende says:

    He be squeezing Kristen at the corner of that couch… there’s so much space bruh…?????

  20. Al- Fenomeno17 says:

    Someone get Kristen Bell on Hot Ones please!

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