Kristen Bell Slaps a Reporter On ‘The Boss’ Red Carpet

Kristen Bell Slaps a Reporter On ‘The Boss’ Red Carpet

Kristen Bell was being interviewed on the red carpet at the premiere of “The Boss” by The Fix’s Kevin Donnelly when she had enough of his rude behavior. Kristen took matters into her own hands and slapped him in the face!

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20 Responses

  1. TP3 LSU says:

    This is Hollywood in a nutshell! Save money on marketing and just have your
    star fake slap a reporter to create buzz lol

  2. Edward Richards says:

    HAH, nailed it…

  3. FlOoPa13 says:

    niggs was fucked up anyways

  4. Marissa Armas says:

    He seems incredibly drunk

  5. guy3480 says:

    soooooo fake

  6. Mad Max says:

    Faker than the KarTRASHians

  7. Stephen Case says:


  8. DeviousDave206 says:

    could be staged but more likely that drunkard pushed his bounds I think it
    was baby that lit her fire

  9. Delynn Potter says:

    sexy little bitch

  10. Aristocats says:

    Thats assault. Women should not slap men just because men said something
    stupid. Men can say anything they want under the first amendment, hiwever,
    women should not assault men that way. Thats misandry

  11. Christian P. says:

    I think she showed him who is the boss :D

  12. 4g63mark says:

    The best thing about this video is seeing that Kristen Bell got some of her
    looks back. She could stand to lose 15 pounds though.

  13. Matt Waffle says:

    Too scripted… The camera, the acting, everything

  14. Sara On Youtube says:

    Yes Kristen, yes!

  15. Silver Light says:

    This seems acted out with actors acting as though this act is not an act

  16. Wendy Chavez says:

    I like apples

  17. Sky Wolf says:

    Slap harder ill believe it

  18. Jeff Kelly says:


  19. LT RT Destroy says:

    when young metro don’t trust you Kristen Bell slaps you

  20. James Butterson says:

    he’s a comedian I seen him on getting Doug with high lol still fake ass