Kristen Stewart And Jesse Eisenberg Talk About Weed And Things Get Weird

Kristen Stewart And Jesse Eisenberg Talk About Weed And Things Get Weird

Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg talk about getting high.
Stoner boyfriend. Sleeper agent. See Mike & Phoebe’s night go up in smoke in American Ultra – in theaters August 21st .


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20 Responses

  1. Katelyn Shelton says:


  2. ImaginaryMdA says:

    I was like, omg the creator of facebook does weed?
    ..then I remembered that he’s just the actor playing mark zuckerberg, lol

  3. AstroGamerSteve says:

    Smoking *the* pot

  4. Dylan Reeves says:

    there needs to be more videos like this. wonderful, truly wonderful.

  5. Steve Hillier says:

    Damn you Ryan Reynolds! Damn you to hell!

  6. AL B says:

    it’s the joint of a deer

  7. Cory H says:

    just something about her i dont like.

  8. lauraisnotawesome says:

    Kristen Stewart is mom af. I love her so much

  9. Mel Born says:

    She reminds me KATE MOENNIG, seems like they were siblings or something.

  10. Anni ka says:


  11. Greg Conley says:

    i want to make love to her.

  12. Zk8et says:


  13. mynameisbrandongoins says:

    Jesse Eisenberg is my new favorite person

  14. Honey Ninjamon says:

    The weed…

  15. Helena de Moraes Santos says:

    jesse eisenberg is amazing in anything he does

  16. rudy c says:

    idk if there making 0 sense or im just completely missing the joke :<

  17. Queen Mara says:

    Didn’t hear a word they were saying, i spend the whole video thinking how I
    knew Jesse. He played in a great movie about illusionisten ,does anyone
    know the name of that film?

  18. flammingcarrot says:

    I never saw any Twilight movie but this Kristen Stewart is quite endearing.

  19. Sarah Bazambanza says:

    Was I the only one who found this video really annoying?

  20. me infinity says:

    kristen stewart is the best actor EVER!!! <3 <3 <3