Kseniya Simonova: Sand Artist Gets Terry Crews’ GOLDEN BUZZER – America’s Got Talent: The Champions

Kseniya Simonova: Sand Artist Gets Terry Crews’ GOLDEN BUZZER – America’s Got Talent: The Champions

Kseniya Simonova told an emotional story through the art of sand, and earned the Golden Buzzer from Terry Crews!
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“America’s Got Talent: The Champions” brings together the world’s most talented, memorable and all-around fan-favorite acts from past seasons of “AGT” and the other “Got Talent” franchises, spanning 194 territories.

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The “Got Talent” format has had more than 900 million global viewers since it began airing in 2006 and has aired in 194 markets worldwide. “Got Talent” holds the Guinness World Records title as the Most Successful Reality Television Format in history, with 70 local versions produced across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas. The series, from NBC, Fremantle and Syco Entertainment, will feature the star-studded judges panel from “America’s Got Talent” – Executive Producer Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel – as well as Host Terry Crews, co-star of NBC’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

Kseniya Simonova: Sand Artist Gets Terry Crews’ GOLDEN BUZZER – America’s Got Talent: The Champions

America’s Got Talent

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37 Responses

  1. Sumona Islam says:

    Competition over! She’s the true champion!

  2. Marj Lee says:

    She deserves the golden buzzer indeed…

  3. Wendy Mcanly says:


  4. Wincent Ch'ng Winn Shern says:

    And she is so humble. Just love her.

  5. Geo Faour says:

    the best golden buzzer this season by far

  6. EZ ART says:

    Terry Crews was a damn good artist too growing up, even said he wanted to pursue it. Could see why he would press it, he knows the hard work she put into it. Dope

    • WyUp2 says:

      Glad someone brought this Up! You are right. You reminded Me that Terry Crews painted for a living before he made it big as an actor in the industry. Great info! THANKS!

  7. mojambo213 says:

    It doesnt even matter if I liked it or not, just god bless Terry Crews for buzzing something, ANYTHING, through that wasn’t a singing act

  8. Кабардино-Балкария says:

    Очень талантливо, Ксения! Молодчина!

  9. Joann Celluzzi says:

    Well deserved that golden buzzer. Thumbs way up

  10. ChaMZ says:

    This made me book my flight in a week to go see my parents 3000 miles away…

  11. john hanncel mella says:

    She’s amazing. Just WOW. Ukraine will be proud. Congratulation frm Philippines

  12. 500 subscribers needed to make me smile says:

    The only act that made me cry
    She’s amazing,that’s definitely a unique talent

  13. OscarSTVua says:

    Друзья мои – я живу в Украине! Я очень рада видеть Ксению на американском шоу талантливой рукодельницы! Ее рисунок песком я видел в 2009 году на шоу “Украина має талант” ! Я горжусь и счастлив! Большое спасибо Ксении за ваше творчество! Спасибо Америке! Привет из Украины!

  14. Oday Alfarsi says:

    How can draw the small things like eyes from sand …How can control it ….waw

  15. O N says:

    Glory to Ukraine! Krym(Crimea) is Ukraine!

  16. MaskOfDeath7 says:

    Terry Crews IS the BEST host EVER on AGT!!! This IS the BEST Golden Buzzer.

  17. WyUp2 says:

    THANK YOU, Terry Crews! FINALLY a “Non-singer” through to The Finals of America’s GOT “TALENT” show, not just America’s “Got-A-Voice” show…Don’t get Me wrong I love singers! But this is not JUST a “singing” show…So many talented people from all over the world, would be a shame to just have an ALL-SINGER finals in “AGT Champions” season, at that. Peace & Blessings to ALL the contestants whether you made it into the Finals or Not, YOU ARE ALREADY A CHAMPION! ALL LOVE!!!

  18. Rosemarie Ukairo says:

    I hope she wins!!! This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen

    • Darkish Bright says:

      Her talent is kind of pretty normal here in the philippines. We do have such kind of talent way back 2013 when i first saw it on local news and in the pilipinas got talent season 1.

    • Raaghad Taljo says:

      Sorry but the winner is Darci 😂

    • Funkytrip73 says:

      +Darkish Bright Ya, I saw that. But in my opinion, her music choice, paint skills and story telling blows the 2013 one out of the water. And I am pretty neutral in this for an objective review because Im not from Ukraine nor Philippines..
      AGT got some sand painters or speed painters too as did other got talent shows (I kinda follow them all a bit) and no-one is as good as Kseniya (sure, some sand painters are better, but not the ones that have participated in talent shows)

    • Alex Chang says:

      Watch her audition at UKGT. Most of people can’t understand a word or doesn’t know that countrys history and can still apreciate how epic that is.

    • Shikuya says:

      You cant make a lot of money off of her. So yeah, she aint gonna win anything.

  19. purger28kikii says:

    terry you have brain, thanks 😀

  20. Mr. Tattoo ASMR says:

    Terry Crews is the man.
    That was well deserved.

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