KSTP TV pointergate video mirror

Watch racists make much ado about nothing.

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17 Responses

  1. Alfredo Pereira says:

    Those patches in this idiot head shows the lack of oxygen to his head.
    Funny how all these police departments pose themselves as victims while
    they are shooting unarmed citizens left and right

  2. mrspoon1259 says:

    This is beyond absurd.

  3. hypatia127 says:

    In another photo of the same moment, you can clearly see that the Mayor has
    both her 2nd and 3rd fingers extended – a well-known “victory” symbol, not
    a gang sign. The law enforcement interpretation is ridiculous. Why are
    people so stupid and racist ?

  4. ecostarr says:

    Racism and it can “only be seen on KSTP” . . . guess they didn’t realize
    the reason they scooped everyone, is because the other TV stations are just
    not as racist.

  5. Bo Price says:

    This made my head hurt. Don’t know if he’s trolling or having a senior

  6. A Giant Sloar says:

    Holy crap, these police and people who reported this story are racist,
    lying scum. Heads need to roll!

  7. little timmy says:

    that bald officer is completely delusional, its scary thinking people that
    unstable are put in positions of power.

  8. Alex Kamens says:

    …does the bald guy actually believe what he’s saying?

  9. Belisarius says:

    It sounds like the police are upset the mayor criticized them and are
    scrabbling at anything they can throw at her

  10. TheBassAckwards says:

    After I saw the 2nd idiot cop, I couldn’t watch any more. Too much
    stupidity at one time.

  11. Luis Navas says:


  12. calmwonderful says:

    I can’t even believe it…

  13. R4RANDOM says:

    Anaconda… omg what have that song done to me

  14. American Boarder says:

    They’re flashing guns, finger guns, but, guns, none the less.
    I’m surprised they weren’t shot.

  15. James S says:


    This is an actual new story from Minnesota
    man whoever came up with the idea of this segment probably doesn’t have a
    job anymore 

  16. 01buttons1 says:

    Yep, crock of shit, and the asshole cops need to find some other thread
    that they can pull on to unravel her sweater…

  17. Huy Vo says:

    I lost so many brain cells while watching this…