KTVU’s Steve Paulson was mid-forecast in Piedmont quake

KTVU’s Steve Paulson was mid-forecast in Piedmont quake

Steve Paulson was giving his weather forecast Monday morning from our studios in Oakland when he felt an earthquake. It was a 4.0 magnitude quake centered in Piedmont .

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12 Responses

  1. slim bella says:


  2. worblfloss says:

    steve paulson

  3. John Rosendo says:

    When they show this outa no where I thought it was another one

  4. AwestaKhalid says:

    i love you all kTVU! you’re the best.

  5. Manigga500 says:

    ho lee fuk

  6. Jorge Gonzalez says:

    Steve looked a little rattled on this one.

  7. Gregory Sloan says:

    “I’m going to throw it to you guys because I think we have…to find me
    some fresh underwear.”

  8. Otaku Fedorashi says:

    This is the worst “Harlem Shake” video I’ve ever seen!

  9. jujumediazone says:

    Why would KTVU upload such terrible quality video? Is this somebody else’s

  10. IonOtter says:

    So *that’s* what it looks like when someone needs new underwear!

  11. Gladiator Spear says:

    i was driving to work on hesperian. listening to 95.7 fm when the flight
    guys felt the earthquake on air.

  12. TY Paz says:

    Big but not as big as Napa just say n I live there it shook like crazy