Kumail Nanjiani Can’t Make It To CONAN – CONAN on TBS

Kumail Nanjiani Can’t Make It To CONAN – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: In response to Kumail Nanjiani’s last minute cancellation, Conan shows a clip from a movie Kumail’s new movie “Stuber” will be competing against at the box office.

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87 Responses

  1. Kwizt says:

    Actually Kumail Nanjiani is still suffering from eating spicy wings.

  2. Some One says:

    Here’s to 25 more, even without ANY guests.
    You’re enough.
    Actually better?

  3. TPT100 says:

    I love that Conan has gone full savage now

  4. D Watkins says:

    Damn. Conan handled this amazing.

  5. Zorro Legerro says:

    Guest or no guest, all you need is one Conan and he’ll make any show work.

  6. Shan Hussain says:

    I love Kumail Nanjiani, but I’d be perfectly happy to just have Conan do the entire episode on his own.

    There needs to be a statue of Conan next to the Hollywood sign.

  7. -chase says:

    Unlike most late night tv shows, conan IS the show

  8. TheJamal723 says:

    Imagine if this happened to Fallon. 8 Minutes of fake laughter and smacking a desk.

  9. Adan Cortez says:

    ?? I love that they showed the clip of the small movie “The Lion King” to give it a boost ??

  10. Miraj Kayastha says:

    Who could pull this off except conan the great.. None of the jimmys could do this

    • AntiChangeling says:

      Kimmel could improvise just fine – he’s done long, improvised monologues before. Fallon would have been able to pull it off back in the Late Night days, but I don’t think he has it in him to improvise for a long stretch of time anymore – he’s too tied up in being ‘the professional, reliable one’, so he would do a game with Questlove & Tariq or maybe an audience bit instead. Corden would be able to do it, but it would be…kind of unpleasant to watch. Colbert definitely could do it, but his show’s a bit more prestigious so he would probably find a way to cover it up with a shift-around of aired guests/segments rather than improvise like this. Meyers would probably be in the most trouble of the lot – that being said, he has a strong group of writers, so there’d probably be a sketch or political bit he could use to stretch the show out.

    • Olecram SouthEastMob says:

      C O L B E R T

    • Jordan Bryant says:

      @Rushav Mohanty conan shits on Ferguson. Craig looks up to him . Df

    • rudra shitpost says:

      i think literally anyone besides fallon

    • elektron117 says:

      @Niko Batallones the two countries……………

  11. Abhinandan Vasudeva says:

    Petition to encourage Sean Evans to invite Conan on Hot Ones…. (Also Keanu Reeves)

  12. disky says:

    Jesus, this is TV gold. I need to know what happened.

  13. hicham karami says:

    jordan schlansky would’ve been a great guest

  14. Andrew Ervin says:

    not a single guest on the show, still entertaining and making the crowd laugh. Absolute legend, don’t die conan.

  15. Dee T says:

    Just bring out Jordan, that’s more than enough

  16. Ee Fsss says:

    Conan without celebrities is the best!!!! More travel shows and him talking to regular people!

  17. Dave Teves says:

    I just found out on Twitter that since Kumail Nanjiani couldn’t be on the show, they had Sona Movsesian out to talk with Conan instead!! This is gonna be exciting!!

  18. Siddhi Desai says:

    Very Craig Ferguson vibe. I like the lax Conan better. He’s very funny and so sweet IRL.

    • Melissa Noteboom says:

      @morbido13 115% ;P For real

    • Goran Hrastovik says:

      you mean conan vibe…fergueson looke up to him comin up

    • moggfree says:

      @Goran Hrastovik yes, people seem ignorant that Conan came in the Late Night biz first before Craig.

    • Jordan Bryant says:

      He is nothing like Ferguson. Hes 1000000 times better

    • Aaron Schmitz says:

      Eh, I don’t think so, they’re two different vibes. Conan’s show always had the air that it’s SUPPOSED to be a professional talk show, but it goes off the rails all the time. Ferguson’s schtick was more that he was unprepared and didn’t care.

  19. Todd Merrell says:

    Rolling with it. He really grew into his britches. Twenty-five years of learning it the hard way. By doing. It. Every single day. Consummate performance.

  20. Varad Hitkari says:

    This episode actually proved that Conan and Amdy don’t need any guests for their show to be funny. They are the show.

    • Hannah S. says:

      Varad Hitkari make sure to check out Conan’s most recent podcast with Andy for more fun

    • Boco Corwin says:

      Have you ever seen the clips from the dress rehearsals? Cutting room floor or something. When they do a skit and they know it’s bombing, Conan just rips into the writers. Honestly they’re sometimes funnier than the show.

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